Hydronia , Is it to late to start new cities within boundless?

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looking good


I’ve played over 1000 hours and I still didn’t know you could track feats like you did on that screenshot… Wow…

(Just right-click on a feat on PC, for anyone else just as slow as me :expressionless:)

On-topic, your tower is looking pretty good. :slight_smile:



Meanwhile, this is what the road design is.:no_mouth:


It looks nice so far, i do see that you’re using paper to plan out your builds but i think you could also use this https://ephtracy.github.io/ it can come in handy and probably better then paper but it’s up to you and you might not want to forget the boundless colour palate which can be downloaded and used in this program from this https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14B2ojK73OJgfbiwKO1V-b7xomWsHdUovml1c4govP3c/edit#gid=2000284400 it’s pretty easy to spot. :blush: