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Starting a new city is a lot of work but rewarding with the right layout. I wish you good luck.:four_leaf_clover:


Be patient and keep building it, setup a shop/portals to interest visitors, and they will come.

Im on my 7th settlement now which is about to officially open, and if you stick with it and give people a reason, you’ll get a lot of visitors. Id say it tajes about a month all up for build time and to give people a bit of time to realise its there and not going away.

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One thing that really gets my attention in a town is a coin converter area, because I tend to setup on a new planet close to the settlement, sell goods I collect in request baskets, buy goods at the shops I normally couldn’t afford. My idea for a future build will be putting all footfall in request baskets, to keep players coming. How many plots are you saving for your town.


Well I’m still building it out and I’m gonna use a secondary Character to build the roads, i still need to plan the road layout.

Plus the landscape there is a bit on the rough side so…

Sweet good luck on your build. I also want to make a town in a futuristic style.

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I’m the only one there and all ready have 100,000 prestige, the only thing holding me back is the plots, I have to wait for them to come in.

But… there is one thing I want to experiment with. I want to try plazas instead of roads, they can make great markets and actual make a more efficient space, but i would need to tighten the regulations on how the plazas are made and where they are built.

The buildings could be raised a bit above the plazas like the on I’m constructing now, I’ma remove that glowing base to though to help make way for a open air market.

That sounds like an excellent idea, I do agree that plazas make a friendlier space.

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That’s the progress I’ve made do far…

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i think the best plaza floorplan would be a massive cross that gives max amount off plaza side spots our multiple plaza’s interconnecting with wide open spots inbetween
when i finally can build the real aquatopia minimum road size will be 2plots wide
boundless is beyond medevil building now
look what the release towns turned into and learn from there mistakes :joy:

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This is one thing I see in cities and it makes me crazy. The roads are always so narrow, and the buildings are butt up right against the road. You cant really appreciate the buildings from the road. I always thought doing a 2-plot road, with 1 plot of grass/sidewalk on each side would give a much better feel of a city.

Theres one planet (Tier 6 I think, with green rock), and theres a naturally formed area that looks like a city. It has really wide roads like 3-4 plots across, and when standing in that area it really feels like a city.


I included if it works for each home to have a green zone aswell around the buildings and gates to enter from the roads

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There are already a ton of small cities out there and not a lot of people left who haven’t homestead closer to a free portal network. But that’s okay though. Because, if you work your tail off building your city, and for your city, and keep your head up high, they will come and settle within your borders.
It might be one person here or there for the first few weeks, and it might seem like your hard work was for nothing. But don’t get discouraged. Almost every city started that way. And now look how big some of them are!!
Another thing that helps too, is to have faith in the development team. They are constantly pushing out new updates for the game, and new people are joining daily! Sure it might not seem like many right now, but we’ll get there! Farming is right around the corner, and I know as a fact that people have been waiting to hop into this game one that’s released.

One more thing:

You got this! And we got you!


That looks awesome! Looking forward to seeing your settlement progress :fist:

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It may take me a lil longer than anticipated due to the gleambow racing (I want to get as much colors as possible) But after the event I’ll be hard at work again, plus I have a second character reserving plots for my next build.


The biggest issues you will have, will come from other people. If you have a partner, and they later have a diff idea of what to build, where to build, more prestige than you, other people simply waiting for you to build something cool, then have secret plans on coming in and taking over, and changing the name, partners who quit, and or invite enough council to the table that all have their own agenda for how they want “their” town, then they all want you to give up your plots, and donate your best plots for the "sake of the " town, sooner or later, make it so you have zero vote in any matter.

Then before you realize it, it’s not your town, or what you wanted it to be, or even the same name, as the new council “took a vote”, and it’s all in vain, and the work and time was for nothing, as you hand over your plots, pack your ish, take a long break, and wish you never sacrificed so much time and material.

I want to build my own city. But it seems it’s impossible to ever really have your “own” city. All the trolls that are here to stay with the sole purpose of finding enjoyment in seeing how many ways they can troll your builds within the c.o.c., and seeing how they can take over your builds, especially if you have conveniences for them like a nice portal to somewhere important, like to a hub.

Most important, remember this is a game, and your making a town for fun, and it’s not a job. You have one in real life right? You work for no one in here, and if building a town starts to make you more irritated than happy, be able to mentally let go. Because building a town is not building management, but people management. Hell it’s hard enough to build something cool off by yourself somewhere, without trolls figuring out how to screw with you, let alone a town.

Good luck


This game is what YOU make of it. Put yourself out there and get to know your neighbors and the community. My MMO experience has taught me, if you hang in the background (build in the middle of BFE) youbwill meet no one. If you build close to town, you’ll meet folks. If you get in CHAT you’ll get to know folks.

THAT is when the game takes off and becomes great.

Then… as time goes by. People move on. Friends try other games. People have a fight. Groups fall apart. So…

Rinse and repeat.

Before you know it, you’re back. And things are great.

Anyway… I’m glad to have met you. :blush: Stay Naughty!:nerd_face::+1:


i would say same if it was the release period
but atm the game changed and building a town is easy now a days i think
if you take your time like ginabean says
and avoid linking it to every player in the game
ya can make massive things
i have not been trolled since release
our noticed it :smile:

forget the old days zina
nowadays we all got plenty off plots and a big reset off builds can be super awesome
ive seen game change lately and i like it :smile:

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