I am being harassed and griefed again by the same toons as before - he is surrounding the mall again

Please help. Thank you.

@james @vdragon @Stretchious


Anyone that has places anywhere on Gyosha, he is plotting by everyone, not just the mall.
It seems like he stopped when everyone showed up. :heart: you guys so much


post some screens

I am recording it like I did last time. They’ve been removed from several cities now. Ugh. He’s mad I wouldn’t remove some mall road and a wall that existed for a year.

Even after he was removed before, I was nice and gave them a 2nd chance. Big mistake. Ugh.

Thank you to everyone that came by to witness & support everyone. If ya’ll ever need anything, I am here for you too. :heart:


You sent in a couple of reports about moving to Hamburg Mall because of this. I take it everything is okay now?

I think this might have been meant as a reply for a different player? I have not mentioned moving to a different mall or planet.

The offending group has moved away from Gyosha and all seems well now :+1:

Sorry, I should clarify that I meant in-game reports. It looked like you had reported a couple of signs.

Yes, there were two signs in Gyosha Mall that I reported. They were placed by the players that were harassing everyone. Everything is now gone :+1:

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