I am in love with this game! If you feel the same SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!



Loving it still too which you can tell by the size of my farm!

@james if you thought my workshop and storage was insane wait until you see this :joy:


You can see my above ground farm and @Stretchious farm. I might have to expand. .


Totally in love, completely addicted… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Probably need some sort of rehab but I’d go off the wagon right away so no point! :crazy_face:

I love it, and want to share the love, to show others the wonder that is Boundless… :slight_smile: It is my ideal game on so many levels had has the most wonderful community - love you all too!


I wonder if I can see our dome farm from the sanctum??? Ill have to check when i get home.


Yes we can see the dome/farm from the sanctum!!! Looked the other night


I need to visit! I will in a bit!


Sht. Now i feel like a complete garbage builder


Should have made a poll:

Love that I hate
Hate that I love
I like you as a friend but am not ready for anything serious just yet


Wonder how high we can get that like button count for this post. People showing much love!


Love it! Never Leaving! Get used to it! lol


I love the game as well, but I really don’t think we need posts like this cluttering up our forums. If you’re an actively contributing member of the community, over time you’ll get some of those badges for people ‘liking’ your stuff. Asking for likes if people love this game just feels like one of those, “Share if you love Jesus. Ignore and you love Satan!!! >:(” types of posts.

Nothing against you personally, Ratchel. I love your enthusiasm for the game.


If it makes people happy I don’t care. I like to see happy post’s seeing happy responses from fellow community members makes me happy. Badges don’t matter to me, they don’t do anything anyways. SHARE THE LOVE EVERYONE!!!



Love love love this game!


This is an open forum for ideas, suggestions, feedback for the devs, people to share screenshots, etc. Positive posts & feedback are just as welcome as the rest. :grinning: :sunny::boundless:

(I know what you mean about those “certain types” of posts though…those seem to be mostly well-confined within Facebook…hence one of the reasons I don’t use FB lol)


I disagree :-1:


Ive noticed you post this kinda stuff whenever some one decides to quit or sht on the game. :thinking:


I have no idea what you mean…you have not discovered anything about me!!!



I said my piece. If the community disagrees, so be it. Everyone is different.


Well, I am very glad you posted this… thank you. :slight_smile: We have a wonderful game here and some of the finest folks I’ve met online. I’ve been pointing folks to this board every chance I get when I can talk up the game and try to share my love of it, so I’m really glad to see this here.