I am in love with this game! If you feel the same SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!


You were just waiting for it weren’t you. Lol


nope just there at the right moment lol


So, so much this, both the appreciation and the game keeping me sane! :slight_smile: Boundless has given me some real happiness through some tough times. Helps me escape the hurt and troubles of real life for a bit. When in games I love, my problems melt away for awhile, I truly feel better. That is a huge part of why I try to pay back by promoting and all, a lot of it is just sharing what I love of course, but also, I have a lot of gratitude for the games that give me this escape, let me flee from reality for awhile.


I love boundless but hate boundless. I have so many other games I haven’t finished or started because I keep getting sucked back to boundless. No matter how much the forge may upset me or the grind. Just something about the game and the community. :grin::grin::grin:


Bob keeps you here, you know it to be true. @morey523


Heh, yeah, my backlog was bad before Boundless… now… :astonished: But they can wait… :wink:


Yeah that’s how it’s been. Couple hours playing something else and back to boundless lol




That has to be the most adorable cutest amazing thing I’ve ever seen!


Unfortunately, baby hulk can’t beat that bunny with its tongue out…waaay to cute!


Errr excuse me miss I love getting badges just like I like getting the coffers in the game :joy::joy::joy:

And love :two_hearts: the game I was quite happy just wandering about getting my rice seeds and inky leaves etc waving at passers by I see in the Towns.

Sorry but I’m one of these people who like to see changes in games then adapts to them not just up and leave because I don’t like how something looks…changes people changes it’s all good in the long run.

Yes I know I posted my views here other than the other post but putting my views about the love for the game than the negative parts seen a lot in the forum lately.

Great work Devs special mention to @james thanks for everything but now can we have FURNITURE or CLOTHES it’s so cold when it rains or snows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I got the 60th like Ratchel :+1:t3:


Oooh you won a hammer from the dome crazy :slight_smile: tell bob I told you that you won!!!


Seriously I won a prize…is it a wooden hammer :joy::joy::joy:

P.s what dome and who is bob lol


@Ratchel is bobbuilder. The OP. He lives in down by the shore with pauly it’s a “dome”. Yes you won a prize because I said so… I live in the dome too :slight_smile:


Ahh I see I have yet to get to know some people’s characters…I will pop over later if I can find it and say hello and have a tour :grin:

Thanks for the likes I want a badge :joy::joy::joy:


All those baths you’re taking in it huh?


You have earned a new badge @CrazyClaws congratulations!!!



To add on to one of my last posts a little, I’ve read some about game development (Blood, Sweat, and Pixels is a great book!) and seen what has happened in various communities over the years… I can’t imagine working in such a brutal field, but it gives me an inkling of all that dev teams like this one sacrifice and go through to bring us the games we love.

Hence another part of my gratitude. Knowing that so much is going into bringing me this happiness. That is why I’m glad others here in different threads have echoed what I’ve said above, letting everyone know how much joy the game has brought into their lives. I think it is good for them to hear this…

Dev team: It is appreciated, greatly. I hope when things are rough, that you can think to those of us here who you are bringing real happiness and mental well-being to with your efforts, people who may otherwise have a lot of sadness, and that it might bring you a smile to know that your work makes a real difference in our lives: it is more than just a game. :slight_smile: I will always be a very grateful fan!


Didn’t want to make a new topic so posting in here; seems to be a fair few new players joining us in the last few weeks! Looks like the farming update has indeed brought us a few more Oortians <3

Hopefully they will stay and see how amazing this game is and how much of a wonderful community we already have and are developing in to!

Not that I think anyone would do otherwise, but be kind and bear with them if they’re asking questions :heart: I honestly think we have one of the best gaming communities going!


Yep, we are definitely getting some great new folks lately!! :smiley: