I am in love with this game! If you feel the same SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!

Dude in center has no nip… Better not say it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::upside_down_face::smirk:

LOL! It was muted by default… Got a couple of mins in until I was curious what they all were going on about.


Wake up very early, middle of the night really. Just a few hours sleep, but wide awake and ready to play… the whole weekend stretches before me, with just the usual chores to distract from my time off. I settle into a comfortable papasan chair in my small gaming cave. Cool mountain night air comes in through a window, so I curl up into a ball under a snuggie.

Boundless loads… I glance out the window at the stars, pretty here, but nowhere near as brilliant as those that appear on my screen. A whole other universe awaits… there are so many things I wish to do…

Obviously, there are new exos to explore with their resources to collect. I have many building projects lined up… rooms at my main settlement I wish to work on, a farm home on another world, and too, I just found the most beautiful spot on Circ the other day, perhaps I should go claim that land now! I can envision a nice new homestead there! :smiley: Perhaps I should do some shopping, I know Aenea has some great deals right now! I could take a nice long walk among settlements through all the portals and take in the sights and take screenshots, I love to do that on quiet weekend mornings. Or a resource gathering wander. My friend could use some emeralds to make us our slingbows, maybe I’ll take a jaunt to Norkyna. I have other things to refill at my shop… but yeah, I think now, exos. :wink:

The room I sit in is small, but I am Boundless… I love this game! :smiley:


Fixed it for ya!

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Darn you…had to bring semtex into this?(nostalgic memories) Sigh. He was a damn good hunt leader, and an amazing individual! He was “the best direction in the gaaame” Haha!

Beautiful post @Ratchel!!!

And thank you for running all those hunts!!!


i’m in love with this already , getting addicted it …


9Apps VidMate.vin


@smithclarkson01 Are you a new player? :smiley:

Is there an achievement for 100 likes? :thinking:


Not sure…but i know this…so much love being shown!


Only for 50 lol


And he got his Badge

Now to think up something to get mine :joy::joy::joy: jk

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Been here since launch and will be here till the end


I share the same feeling as you buddy, loving it so so much. I am also going to create my xbox account with the help of xbox live for free guide, to play more such games.


Not budging. Been here since Boundless was a baby and not about to leave. I always come back to this game.

Its my addiction. Nothing wrong to be addictive to a game… especially if your work is home based xP



Joined with launch when learning about it by seeing it on the PS Store and impulse buying, and yep, I’m not going anywhere. :wink: Well, unless forced to for a time by family stuff. But as I’ve said elsewhere, other favorite games I usually end up taking breaks from, but I just never see that happening with Boundless. I simply don’t tire of it, my addiction keeps growing along with my project list. :slight_smile:

Just four likes now to hit 100!


Unfortunately couldn’t afford it when it come out but I have not played my other games since I got Boundless so that’s saying something :wink:

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Love thread needs a bump… :wink:

A lot of what makes a game is the community. You all are among the finest folks I’ve met online, some truly incredible, first-class people here, I mean that. I know right at the moment there is some upset around - I won’t get into that since this is the Love Thread, but I just wanted to give you a little love myself, encourage everybody to hang in there, remember everything that makes us so in love with Boundless and trust that any bumps that come up will get ironed out (things can take time of course sometimes) and the game will just get better and better. :heart_eyes:

So, can we get a big hug going…? :hugs: C’mon, c’mon, don’t be shy, lets get some love going here folks! :wink: Always room for more love in this thread! (And we’re only three Likes shy of a hundred!)


im actually quit happy with the speed they added the new update
im sure they fix the issue’s soon i wish new stuff came this quick everytime :smile:


I play a lot of games. Got quite a few very high budget ones. GTAV, The Division 1 and 2, Witcher three, forza horizon 3 & 4 etc. I always go back to Factorio. I tried out that satisfactory game a while back and while it was ok it just didn’t have what Factorio has. Hell I’ve only launched rockets twice and it never bothers me. Love this game. Shareit Vidmate APK


Talk about timing on the last post… I was coming right now to bump this myself.

About this… :smiley:


More Boundless from Cobra!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: