I am in love with this game! If you feel the same SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!


You? A social what? :roll_eyes:

Youre a trouble maker. Thats what you are :joy:


Trouble maker me…No…NO PROOF!


Bobbboooo! I can finally see my house from the sanctum lol LOVE it


Soon to be my house! For Sale sign up yet? Bidding war?


Finally! Someone else who knows the truth! Now you can’t hide it anymore!


100 likes? Time to unlike so it goes back to 99 :smirk:


It’s also the GENERAL CHAT! Lol like wth. He Would only have a legitimate complaint if it was misleading and in a spot like support.


already smashed that button but wonna smash it again. and it’s not just the glass of wine talking.
after a hard days work and not much else going on, it really does feel like coming home when logging in.
message brought to you by a new zealand sauvignon


Yep!! :smiley: I actually feel myself get a little antsy with anticipation when the loading screen is on when I first fire it up after coming home from work - I know once I get playing a bit, the stress and troubles of the day will quickly melt away. I do seem to get actually a bit lost in the worlds of the games I love - my surroundings in the real world seem to sort of fade away a bit along with my worries.

Here, have another round on me! - :wine_glass:


Thats sleep deprivation :smiley:


That… probably does play into it. :flushed:

Weird thing is, my insomnia recently sort of reversed itself, now I’ve got this grogginess making me sleep more. I hope my insomnia comes back this weekend though… Borderlands 3 on Friday, but I’m not about to sacrifice any Boundless time! :wink:


Right! A game I have been waiting for to fully release finally did. Green Hell! Survivalist and Crafting game.