I am looking for a master craftsman

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I am looking for a master craftsman to be my tool provider. I am currently at level 35, I also find something stuck, it is hard for me to level up especially because I find it tedious to collect materials in large quantities such as rocks, wood and cloudy earth for fuel.
My situation in the current game is prior to the coils, which would be my next step, because if you have coils to sell it would also be useful for me.
I would like to get both advice on forged tools, their characteristics and uses, as tools that have more durability, faster, and help me to collect as many different resources without having to carry much of the inventory loading many tools for T1 planets and T2
Preferably that you are on European servers and speak Spanish, this would be more comfortable for me, but it is not necessarily an essential requirement.
Therefore I seek both advice and trade, in short, a long-lasting business relationship.

Relevant data: My current budget for the first batch of tools is 10,000 coins.
Thanks in advance.

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Holla, primo, si necesitas alguien que te pueda fabricar erramientas o otras necesidades tengo una tienda en Circarpous, yo no soy Europeo pero mi tienda está en un planeta Europeo.

Updated: 8/16/2019 :boundless: Exploring Fists Market :boundless:- Farming section incoming!

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Thanks for the information, then I approach.

Hola! Mi espanol no es Bueno. Lo siento. Si necesitas herramientas, Nuestra tienda “The Golden Fist” en Imdaari tiene herramientas para cada nivel y bobinas en venta también.

Están separados por niveles, por lo que lo hace más fácil.

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