I can’t be the only one

Who misses sticky pistons and switches and red stone


I know they’re worried about huge complex machines, but I think there are a few ways automation could still be implemented in Boundless.

  • For example, make them use more of the “complex item” limit (5 per or 10 per item or something).
  • Have them only run when someone is actually within a certain range.
  • Give them some sort of heavy fuel requirement (NOT OORT FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING)

I really wish it was a thing, I think it would make a huge difference in the way people play and being able to automate and make machines expands what you can do by so much.

I’d also love some sort of elevators. Maybe shaft and stop blocks or something. IDK.


You could have huge complex machines if they’re “compiled” and not evaluated block by block like Minecraft.
They could add for example logic gates and you could use 10000 or them but in the end you have something which takes 5 inputs and gives 3 outputs. What’s in-between could be made into a logical/math formula.
The “circuit board” could be used for just that.
Basically implement it the way digital things work and not Minecraft.
For example in Minecraft you need thousand of blocks to make a calculator which could be compiled into out=input1 operation input2.



Moving parts would add some cool effects to the game

I miss floor switches and red stone sliding doors. Made them work like Star Trek!..or a super market.

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I miss the hidden doors so much and minimalist elevators you could make would be nice for avoiding staircases taking up space.

Yeah the problem is how much is people willing to give up to get this.

I’m sure a lot of players want to build giant crazy things with automation and what happens when they realize that they can’t even build a half of what they wanted

Some form of “Redstone” mechanic in Boundless would keep me infinitely more interested in the game in the long run. Half the time when I play Minecraft, I’m just building big Redstone contraptions, and it’s stupid fun.

Hopefully one day we’ll see some forms of automation. I think it could fit nicely, with us finding all this old technology from the Oortians. I bet you they had lots of automation. :wink:

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Boundless should go steampunk!

  1. Use spark to generate steam.
  2. player must maintain pressure levels for optimal output, requiring active participation from the player
  3. fuel usage and pressure mechanism prevents AFK machines
  4. P A R T I C L E E F F E C T S
  5. lore friendly

just make it so that it will only move one block/porp only and it cant move itself, that way there wont be any problems. maybe have a max mesh area of like 10 to 20 in a 2x2 plot area like the props have 500 limet in a 2x2 plot area

I would also like 2 block wide doors for grand entrances please!!! Or I guess it would be 4 block wide, two blocks for each side.

Edit: and diagonal doors. For corner entrances.


That would be awesome. Add a new item called circuit chest or bread board. You open it and configure the circuits inside.

I never used it, but I think Little Big Planet 2 had something like that.