I cannot believe that you have not fixed the plant xp exploit

I am to baffled to write more really.

I haven’t heard of any such exploit, can you give some more details?

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This is in our bug database and will be actioned as soon as possible.

When the thread on Steam was posted, we were already in lockdown and it was deemed the fix was not safe enough to release.

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No! Don’t give any details. The less people know, the less people exploiting it

I am sorry Steggs, but in all other MMOs i played, altering the Speed of progression would have ended in a Server outage if not Rollback and banning of offending players… I understand you cannot use the ban hammer with a community as small as we have it here but Nothing else is done, really?
And leaving an exploit thread on the steam Forums for more then 20 Hours i cannot believe either.
Instead you fiddle with the game mechincs to make the game feel more clunky then ever.

Yes you had todays patch in testing and altering it might have been a problem. But this exploit Needs a fix, today if not yesterday.

@ceresward Sorry if i dont explain how an exploit works in a public forum.

I wasn’t asking how it works, I was just curious because your first post phrased it like it was a well-known issue on this forum. I follow these forums closely, and if something like that would have been discussed here I think I would have known.


Curious to see what it was after it gets patched, I find these things fascinating. Like in WoW when pets could carry diseases out of dungeons :joy:

How much exp were we talking here, like a few thousand per minute or was it an obscene number?

I’ll lock this down here, we’ve been focused on the patch today.

We don’t need to discuss specifics of any possible exploits, the issue will be fixed but as mentioned before it was not worth the risk to put it into this patch.