I cant get pass the "click to connect" screen

At this moment when i try to play Oort i just keep getting stuck at the “click to connect” screen. :frowning:

Can you connect via browser?

Assuming your on windows if you have not already try the dx11 version. Right click in steam on the game properties->beta and choose the dx 11 version. Also try updating your graphics drivers.

The dx11 changing worked fine for me, so you might wanna try this. Also, the game has a problem with multiple monitors i guess. I turned my second monitor off, because the game crashed few times while switching between the monitors.

Is the DX11 version working for you? @Julianros1998 please confirm.

Yes, but i lag alot there xD

I can’t play the DX11 version anymore, it doesn’t show up. Pretty weird xD

That is weird. Something strange is happening with Steam. As it’s still available and we’ve changed nothing. I would suggest removing OO from your lib, and reinstalling it. Also restart Steam in during the process.

I just tried this and the game still freezes at the “click to connect” screen. I can however change my game to the directx11 version again, but my game doesn’t work with DX11. It just shows a black screen.

There is nothing after clicking betas. NONE-opt out of all beta programs. I don’t recall opting out.