I could use another set of eyes on this one. Anyone online right now?

If anyone is available, and willing to help, I’m on sedatars, -575, 1444 (or around there, once you get close, you can’t miss it, especially at night). I built a circle with a diameter of 100 blocks, however, I messed up somewhere and I can’t figure out where. I think I have it pinpointed, but if it’s where I think it is, it’s going to be rather annoying to fix.

Edit: Going exploring in some other worlds, just respond to this post and I’ll head back over to sedatars.

I’ve had a look and I’ve found somewhere that looks like it might be wrong.

So the problem has been found, And now all that is left is to correct it, which is a task for a later time.

Original problem found and resolved, but a new problem has arisen and it’s beginning to frustrate me. Anyone who has experience building really really big circles, please meet me at the aforementioned location in Sedatars.