I don't understand deco flowers

What is the purpose of not letting us fertilize and keep our decorative flowers going? If I want to create a pretty garden, what’s the point in having to lose a week every month to re-growing them?
I’ve got one that will die in a week and one in 3 weeks…it makes no management sense


You my friend are probably not a gardener with the management thing
EDIT you probably also arnt keeping them in pristine places


I don’t need too much reality in my games :wink: Next thing you know, they’ll be having weeds sprout I need to plant.
I’d sure hate to have someone visit at the point where the flowers are dead and don’t get to see the assassian’s blades in their glory.


I never tried decorative flowers in Creative mode, note to self…

@Fuzzybear1919 what are pristine places? Compact soil?

Idk you’d have to check

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agree with you, @Mystfit.
Wish there was some kind of on-going maintenance cost to keeping the flowers going rather than just the inevitable withering.
I do keep some flowers in their withered state as they can fit in certain scenarios but would be much nicer having them in their full glory with having to constantly replant them


Also it’s not too like real life most online games like this has that feature because then everyone could easily get to great city with just plants


This has definitely been a topic of discussion, and I personally am in the camp that believes there should be 2 options with them. They either provide prestige but will wither and die, or a permanent deco flower that provides no prestige.


I haven’t looked. Are they really that prestige heavy? And what good is temporary prestige? :wink:


Yeah I agree with u

The dead flower look has kind of grown on me.

I think it may be their intended appearance.


deco flowers are good for making money off people that buy and plant deco flowers


Make a haunted house and make the plants die to give it that creepy look… or make a trailer looking like it came from “Breaking Bad” and use dead plants xd

This is giving me some ideas, but I don’t think it’ll be going much of anywhere with this slump. :joy:

Edit: Oh well, here goes;