I finally did it!

I finally got all the attainable trophies!!!

The last one I needed was Money Maker (get 500,000 coin from footfall).

Okay devs, I’m ready for the last 3 trophies to be fixed, you don’t have to wait for me anymore :rofl:

Seriously though…please make it so these trophies are attainable?

  • Journal addict (complete 185 journal objectives)
  • No feat too great (675 feats completed)
  • Where no one has gone before (visit 40 world types)

Pretty please? :cherries::ice_cream:


Congrats :partying_face:

That’s a pretty good amount of work!

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Thank you! It took me almost a year :grin:

The footfall was the hardest because it’s sooo slow even with two shops there just isn’t really a shortcut…unless you have a successful mall or hub or city maybe :slight_smile:

the feats thing i think could be possible? Every major update that adds things to do (not just more blocks) seems to add more feats such as the farming update adding a bunch of farming feats. My only issue is not all feats are viewable sadly. So sometimes you might complete a feat but since its a newer addition its not even viewable on the feat list that has no scroll/expand options.

Unfortunately no, the feats one and the journal one (which is about objectives, which is what I think you’re referring to) are both unattainable still.

The journal objectives are the ones where new ones don’t appear until you’ve completed the prior ones. However, I made a list of all the objectives in the trophy guide if you want to see them all.

I think the farming update came out about two years ago? So there might have been new feats and objectives added at the time but that’s awhile ago and it didn’t resolve these two trophies.

There are actually finally enough journal objectives to get the trophy [edit to add: September 2020 update was when they added the last needed objectives to get to 185] but 1-2 of the objectives have been broken for months/years and so the trophy still isn’t possible.

The 675 feats is just way too high of a number since there are only 390 possible feats and daily + weekly feats don’t count towards the trophy. [Edit to add: not to mention one of the feats is not possible which would make the entire trophy impossible if there were even enough feats]

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