I forgot how to chat ingame +_+ ... ^^

Just saw my first mate ingame since month and realised a lack in my skills …


Enter just switch to Fullscreen and I cant find the keyboard layout ^^

it’s “T” :smile:

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Hit the “T” key.

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Thx guys ^^ … I instandly felt kinda stupid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … hope that we can change the layout in near future … getting slowly but surely annoyed of “Enter = Fulscreen” and “ESC = menue” ^^

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The keyboard layout is coming soon. It nearly made this release but had a couple too many bugs and needed to be updated to the new GUI.


You mean the individual mapping of keys don’t you? Or will there be more keyboard layouts too?

Yeah individual mapping of keys

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Experiencing a similar situation. Someone is setting up nearby and I can’t figure out how to access chat on the PS4. They must think I’m a real twit as I’ll stand nearby trying to find chat and then minutes pass and I just run off cuz I haven’t been able to find the key combo. Thanks

Touch the left side of the touchpad :slight_smile:

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LOL! Thank you.

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