I forgot to fuel my beacon and someone gave all my stuff back


Could someone help me out his name is game character AprilawesoMe2 one of the Doves help me out to get my stuff back it’s been a lot of work to get it together


Unfortunately, the devs won’t be able to help you. If you allowed your beacon to expire, the player who claimed your stuff did so fairly by the game’s rules and mechanics. Your best option would be to ask the person who claimed it if you could have it back. You never know, they might just be nice players and let you have it. There’s nothing to lose by asking. :slight_smile:


Could you tell me how I can find that person so I can ask him it’s my own stupid fault but I was working a lot


Sorry to hear this. Sadly this is a designed mechanic of the game, and it is not friendly to people who play the game on a casual basis.


Sure. You could try to DM them here on the forums or @ them in game. If they have a mailbox placed in the beacon, you could reach them that way as well


it’s sad but nobody has to give back anything. Once its gone its gone. How do you know anyone took it? This stuff dissolves on its own too. Your first sentence is barely coherent. Are you saying the guys name is “april we some orchid” because that makes no sense


Dave fuelled by peak and it was empty and put plots down on everything that I had and built


I’m a bit confused on the name of the player you are giving; is it april or april we some orchid as a name?

And the remark o f"one of the Doves help me out to get my stuff back . . .". Are you saying someone helped you to get your stuff back and it has been a lot of work getting it together?

I’m not sure how you can find out who it was unless they took the plots and put their own beacon down. If they didn’t, I don’t think it is possible unless a neighbor saw them and spoke to them and got their game name.

If you don’t know, you could post the planet, the city, towns, or other settlements close by, or if you have it the location, your settlement’s name here and hope the player will be nice and give it all or some of it back.

Some players are nice and will, others look for beacons going out so they can get free stuff. I have found only one that was out and most of the base was being regened so figured the player wasn’t coming back, and it was only crafting table, campfire, beacon, a stone furnace and two blocks of storage with just a couple items.

Good luck in getting it back.


I know what the situation is I’m just hoping for the best




Good luck in getting some if not all of your stuff. Some of the players will collect it to keep for the person who had the base to give it to them later.

Hope that is the case in this situation.


If you need some stuff to get back on your feet hit me or @blinvir and we can get you some stuff.


same thing here I have a lot of blocks, you can ask me if you need help


i hoope i get my stuff bake


if not i will koll on jou


thate awesome


Legitimate salvage. The few people who I know that hunt for salvages on the reg are really nice and would give it back if asked, though I don’t know this person, nothing to lose by asking.


I have had some interaction with Aprilawesome and she / he was very nice. I think Aprilawesome has settlements on a few planets, but a real big one on Sosiri. (It is awesome too…no pun intended)
Look for Aprilawesome there.

I would bet that if you told her / he what happened she / he would give your stuff back.

How much stuff did you lose. I could maybe give you a few things to get you going again

Good luck to you.


I’ve seen April a few days ago she Def around and is friendly person you might have to track her down don’t think she on forum our discord try track down her mailbox name is usually April our April awesome etc


I hope this does work out. Either way, if you need help you can also ask anybody from TNT, we can also set you up with a temp base by our hub if you need a staging area to build a new place.