I forgot to fuel my beacon and someone gave all my stuff back


I hope you get your stuff back too, or atleast some of it. Sounds like you have a pretty good chance of that with this April person. :slight_smile:

Little story:

I remember waking up one morning and a bunch of beacons we were watching, (for reclaiming city plots from people who left the game that we gave those plots to) had expired in our town, only to be swiped up by one player. All of them!! Most of us are in the U.S and the person who claimed them was from a country with a 5 hr(?) ahead time difference.

At this point, I thought for sure we were screwed. Cause none of us knew the guy who swiped all of those plots up! So he wasn’t from anywhere around our city!

To shorten the story;
the guy who grabbed those plots kept coming back to our city. And posted signs on the plots to contact him to get them back!
He grabbed them just so nobody else who had malicious intent would grab them first.
We were able to get all of those plots from him without any hassle or anything!!!

I gotta give this guy a huge shout out for being one hell of an amazing guy!
@Buugi I’m talking about you!

Thank you again, and you rock!!!

My point is, even when you think you lost a ton of stuff, you can almost always count on this great community to either give your stuff back or to help you get back on your feet and going again! Even people you’ve never met will do whatever they can to lend a hand! Such as @MrNiX offer.

We’re here for you @bary!


if someone could help me out with some aoe tools then i can start over agein


I don’t know what all you lost but I watched an illuminoorti guy lose a gem pyramid this weekend, probably about 10 smart stacks of each type plus that much machined iron. I was just like dang…


Not familiar with any Illuminoorti beacons having gem pyramids or being lost, do you recall the planet? Might have been Illuminaughty, we get mixed up frequently.


Oh maybe so… Eresho.


I’ll ask my guys about it


Ouch, that had to hurt.


i just found her she has given everyting bak i am so happy with that its awsome thank you very very much ror saving my place . thanks all you guys for oll helping me out without you i coudnt have done it happy days

thank you aprilawesome


Oh man. The big pyramid? I had noticed a portal had went down the other day.


glad it all worked out bary!


Nope not illuminaughty the few of us without gc share permissions so someone can watch over them


I am currently protecting a new players stuff. He was moving his house and I went over to check on them. Everything unplotted. I hurried and threw 5 bucks down for plots and plotted it up. Put signs down explaining I am keeping it safe and to find me. Have yet to hear anything back.


Did you put a post box down so it’s easier for him to react back


the owner of the pyramid is my friend. He stopped playing 2 months ago and told me to pick up everything and keep it. I am the owner of the tower next door