I got robbed tonite

So I left my garage open today, and subsequently had two people rob me of over $300 worth of power tools. One got away with my tools, but I beat the snot out of the other one before he got away too…morale of the story, keep your stuff locked up tight, and be safe folks…I’m good minus some swollen knuckles…

Damn :dizzy_face: glad your ok, but it’s not suitable for the forums. Either way please move it to the off topic :wink:

Done sir :+1:

Awesome stay safe buddy hopefully you get your tools back at some point , reason I keep mine at attic

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I’m now investing in a camera setup, as none of my neighbors ring cams caught the plate #…

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I never meant for this post to be offensive . If it is deemed so, I harbor no ill feelings, just needed to vent. Quite frankly you guys and gals are pretty much my circle of friends, for better or worse, lol. That said, feel free to shut it down if I overstepped any boundaries :+1: