I have gleam club for the month (bought deluxe on PC)! Post if you want a colored text sign at Legendville Mall!

Don’t know why I bought deluxe, I’m barely gonna use it on PC lol.

Anyway! Let me know if you want a sign to have colored text in Legendville Mall!

Post your shop number and the hex code you want (hexcodes work better than named colors internationally afaik)

Thanks all!


oooo. At a55 can you make my text rainbow colored? I don’t care of the hexcodes or named colors as long as they are in rainbow order. A55 at Tana Gleamstead

Sure! Every letter a diff color?

yes. RAINBOW though in rainbow order.

ROYGBV ok? (6 colors)

ROYGBVW (the w is white)

Kk that’ll take me like 45 min haha wish you had a shorter shop name :wink:

Hm it’s not working. Maybe I’m doing it wrong?
It shows the gleam club icon for my characters in guilds…

you add a : at the end. a step it doesnt show originally

Yeah I did :#red: etc

I believe the character who owns the plots need to have gc in order to color the signs. And once your gc is up the text will revert to the standard color

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Orly? Ah dang haha

The beacons need to be on the char that has GC :wink:

Fire is on fire and replied before me, lol!

Anyhoo, time to level that PC character and get the path plots!!! :smiley:

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Lol if it goes away when GC ends there’s no real point. I thought it would persist.

Did they change this?

A gleam club character used to be able to add color to anyone’s signs I thought. Maybe I’m just loopy lol.

What about indigo?

Always been like this afaik

DK can you do Hearth Guard Hub with the code :#f8a406:

Thanks man :smiley: