I know Oort is a voxel-based game, but the art-style would fit very well to be mixed in with modeled mesh

I know both the playable races and Protectors, Titans and animals are going to be mesh, but is it going to be eg. pre-made structures like the temples, Oort-ruins and props made of mesh as well like what it looks like in the concept art?

I feel like this game would be really beautiful if they combined the best of those two things. Voxel is good and all, but in my opinion modeled mesh here and there would add a lot to the aesthetics and environments and fit very well with the art-style you seem to be going for. It would really make this game stand out from the rest.

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Id hope you could build something the same or similar thou

Slope blocks do well to make the structures look less blocky. It’s just that with the abscense of upside-down and sideways slopes, in addition to a proper placement system, we’re mostly limited to using blocky things. Though I do believe meshes would improve the overall aesthetic nonetheless.

But I think some statues, obelisks or similar wouldn’t hurt :wink:

Oh, definitely. I was just saying that for larger structures, all-out meshes wouldn’t look very appropriate in this rather blocky environment.

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Doors and hatches are a mesh, and additional prob items are promised to be meshes as well. All in all, I think we’ll have a decent balance of building blocks and mesh props to play with. Also, based on the work of the graphic designer they hired for player races, I think we’re in good hands for mesh character designs. :wink:

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I personally hope it is a combo of voxel and craftable building/construction meshes. I think that’d be cool.