I left the party to buy more cake

Hello again folks, it’s been awhile since the last time I hit up the forums and played the game. As much as I love Oort I wouldn’t want to overplay before its completion, so as someone who plays every game under the sun I’ve been out for a bit. What’s changed? Or have any features been confirmed? Just guide me to other topics if you need to.


Ohhh, you have so much coming soon! Latest dev goal was just reached and there should be a survey mailed In a week or two. Latest update ETA “any day now”. New community crafted world “Kovah” is live on US East. Links coming in a sec.


I’ve been doing what you’ve been doing, but I just check the devlog part of the forums every once and awhile, and start chatting things up when I see something is going down. It’s a good way to monitor things easily.