I like beacon reclaims

Im a bit late to the party, but really liking this feature. Of course packing up a whole beacon is seconds is amazing, but i mostly like how it all turns to ash. Such a cool way to implement it.

Go team!


I’m a huge fan as well. Before it was implemented there were times when I wanted to tear down a build and destroying it block by block was not nearly as fun as it was building it in the first place. Also, the ash looks awesome.

Sometimes we get so focused on what isn’t in the game yet that we tend to overlook the cool stuff that’s already been added.


I really like it too! :blush:

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Makes me want to reclaim the dome. It would be like breaking into a giant geode.


I wish I could reclaim just the things in chests and storages - so I could move my workshop without blowing up the build it’s in.

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If nothing above/below just unplot and replot with new beacon and wait the time limit.

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We are a spoilt bunch and dont often acknowledge all the cool little details that are added constantly.

I was expecting to fall through my build to nothingness. But got yet another ‘Wow!’ moment from Wonderstruck instead.

Well played


It would have been so simple to just have the blocks disppear, but i love that someone took the time to think about what happens to the player at that moment, both physically and mentally, and was able to symbolise the emotion of retiring a build with the ash… as well as not dropping them in a hole of course.

I have a slight obsession with empathic design, this sort of stuff is next level.


Beautifully said :+1:

I didn’t get the point of the “ash” at first, but after using reclaim on a few significant builds - it all makes sense.


I couldn’t agree more…it works awesome

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This could be a lot of fun actually, to get a bunch of builders together to build a city and let it turn to ash… only to rebuild again, over and over!

I have a question about the reclaim system.

If I am understanding this I can reclaim a beacon then it will decay and the blocks will end up in my storage.

Can I also create a second user on my PS4 to go in and take the blocks during the decay process?

That would give me double the blocks. It seems to easy. No way this is the way it works is it?

It saves plot by plot. So my guess is that if you remove something before it’s reclaimed It wont go to the storage.

And if it gets stored then you will get ash

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But if I reclaim a beacon and someone else removes things during the decay process do I lose the items the becon sniper takes?

I’ve only done it on small beacons of 2 plots. It went so fast that it became ash instantly.

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I reclaimed around 300 plots with the plot view on and everything stayed protected until it turned into ash.
So everything should be safe from looting.

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darn it. hehe


Yeah nobody can snipe. It turns to ash THEN deplots.

You do get a lot of free ash though.

Has anyone tested if you can plot, reclaim, then plot and reclaim again to farm ash?


I think Ash is labeled as natural block so it won’t get reclaimed again


I think using the reclaim system to farm is against the rules i do believe the Devs have said that