I Need creature mantle


Does anyone have a large amount (thousands) of creature mantle for sale? I’m willing to pay 3.5c each.Request basket is set up on eresho -1592,-871,73. Has 200k coin in basket


I have quite a bit, not sure of the exact number, do you have a request basket up? Or hand trade?


I was thinking hand trade but I will set up a request basket tonight at my shop tonight. I think that would make it easier for everyone. Will give coordinations when it’s set up. Will start with 100-200k coin in there.


Thanks if you could include planet and store name


There are some shops in the Gyosha Mall that sell creature drops

Classy Cuttletrunk
AgentTex’s Shop (1c Creature Mantles)
and more


Thanks I might look for them. I just got tired of wasting time looking for shops. Figured this way would be easiest way.


Request basket is set up on eresho -1592,-871,73. Has 200k coin in basket


Is there a portal?
I don’t really enjoy running across entire planets :wink:


My shop is in the Ultima so should be able to find a portal pretty easy. I have a portal at “blingz n thingz “ called The X-change. And a portal at DKs tree called the Glass tower. Changed my shop name.


Found somewhere else paying 5 each, who just so happened to have almost exactly enough coin to buy all the mantle I had. Sorry, and good luck!