I need diamond shovel (solved but i need them always lol)

i can pay normal prices but ill trow in 4 special gleams of choice refined though and not white gleamz lol

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Maybe @OmniUno could strike a deal with you :slight_smile: Worked for me a few times :wink:

I’m slowly but steadily working towards a batch of diamond. Once I have I’ll be sure to share (and make shovels).

got one made from your diamond blocks

How much you miss?

I think I’m still short just more than a hundred. I’ve bumped my price on them up to 400 to encourage mining them a bit more too :wink:

PS Finally got enough for a topaz + ruby run, so I’ll finally have some gem tools available again by Tuesday.

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I could sell you, but let me know exactly how much you need :slight_smile: I’ve been keeping them, but won’t be going on another diamond run for a while

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As of right now: I need exactly 25

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cool I’ll bring them :slight_smile:

edit: delivered :slight_smile:


Moe, I regularly strip mine for diamonds.

I am not sure what “regular price” means so I’d need a price and amount of shovels. That goes for anyone else. With this there’s no need to “compete” for price since I can work on getting the sell orders fulfilled.

cool im good for one :smile:
ill talk to you ingame :slight_smile: