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Please i need help here anyone else get my feeling?

So when did I land on 4chan? xD

Is this site really a satire site or not?^^

Well, it IS satire… but the writers points are moot- even non existent. The point that “building is a male job” is invalidated by the fact that nearly 50% of the online population is female and loves building. The “aesthetics” argument is purely opinionated. I cant tell you how many times my gf has declared out loud how beautiful the vistas in MC are (nothing when compared to B< though :smile:) and not only IS there a female character model, there is also the very simple ability to alter the skin to a nearly infinite number of possibilities. There are huge amounts of things in the game that traditionally appeal to women, including gardening, animal breeding, ponies, flowers, interior decoration, etc. But let’s not “gender roll” the in game activities- anybody and everybody can do what they like.

If anything, articles like this are far more damaging to women, because they make real feminism look like extreme feminism.


to be fair most feminism you hear of is extreme feminism. We should invent a new word for the real feminism that doesn’t want to be more equal than men.

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Nah, its called Feminazis. not feminists, they shouldnt be allowed to defile the name feminists which is why most of us on the internet calls the extremist feminists feminazis.

@Havok40k im a big guy which can be seen as tough, however i greatly enjoy customizing female characters and basically playing dressup with my characters and character creations to get the perfect character. so i suspect i do not conform to the stereotypical ‘‘all guys wants from games is killing everything’’
Also flower picking, i want flower picking to be a thing, @ben, i summon thee!

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She’s hilarious. Look at the other titles of her ‘editorials:’ “The Harley Quinn In ‘Suicide Squad’ Is Not Plus Size And Here’s Why That’s A Problem.” Is that not comedy gold?

I’d declare Cassidy Boon to be my BFF if

a) men actually did that, and
b) my wife wouldn’t kill me for doing it.

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As a supporter of the feminism movement, I would just like to advise you to not read into this.

This is so satire. An extreme feminist would never say that a game is mysogynistic because it doesn’t include pretty backdrops or that the game tried to exclude women by making the game based around building.

It’s not extreme feminism or feminism at all, it’s literally a dumb satire article.

The author is most likely someone without any understanding of feminism trying to enrage and troll others.

Oh, that’s what everyone is saying.


By the way, isn’t it kind of counter productive to call it feminism instead of equalism? The name alone is a bit onesided.

Not really. Cisgendered, straight white males haven’t really been oppressed for centuries. The word ‘feminism’ obviously highlights the need for gender equality, but the cause includes everyone that has been oppressed (skin colour, sexuality, weight, etc.).

It’s also kind of counterproductive to change the word. The people that are mostly likely wanting to change the name of the cause are most likely… you guessed it! Males.

Thats the point. its dumb, by all means this extremism, i am 100% for… ‘‘equality’’ but not in the sense that extremists use it, not in the sense that ‘‘Oh my gawd we should have 50/50 gender split in CEO positions’’ cause that is absolutely bullshit, i believe that there should be equality based on skill, and that the job should go to the most suited, no matter the gender. no gender or race should get a BS advantage for no reason (there was a case in the US where an asian student had worked his ass off his entire life and gotten an insanely high score, however he wasnt allowed to enter the university because his spot was given to an ‘‘underprivileged’’ mexican student who didnt even had a fraction of the asian dudes grade)

However yay for political discussions. its a dangerous topic, i know. on the other hand though i enjoy extremist feminism, it is quite entertaining to watch a newspaper claiming that Air conditioning is sexist (yes it happened in the U.S. look it up) however when educations and workplaces starts to bow down to them we have to set our foot down.

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here is a picture of ‘‘an opressed woman in the western world’’

and here is a ‘‘cisgendered male who clearly havent been opressed’’


will you say that sentence, once again, to my face? can you?

also no, feminism doesn’t include everybody, especially not in the situation it is in now, it is literally the empowerment of women. even though they are already ■■■■■■■ empowered feminism should only apply to countries where women are not allowed to go to school, where rape is okay, where they are forced to marry, that stuff needs to STOP however what disgusts me is how some women have turned it around to make a ton of money by sending themselves threats or by spending all their time whining rather than getting off their ass and doing something, you know why? because its easier. ask most gamer girls, do you think that the ‘‘gaming community to stop being a boys club and should start being more inclusive of girls’’? No, cause they are gamers, they know that is just how the internet works, and most of them will just completely destroy anybody making fun of their skills, those who complain about being asked to validate their skills, are those who doesnt have any

yes, because it is so horrible that some of us want equality for men and women rather than letting women kick us while we are down.

did you know? they did a test to see how much ‘‘equality’’ actually is, and when they treated woman the exact same way as men, they felt ‘‘opressed’’ when they were treated better they saw it as ‘‘equality’’

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That’s not the point^^

It highlights that femals should be better of than they were/still are, but that’s also the problem with it. The focus on one side that oppressed instead of the whole thing which is equality.

Since feminism has such a bad reputation it would be everything but counterproductive.

Well, there could be several reasons for that.

  1. Males still want to oppress females.
  2. Males thinking might be a bit more on the logical side. Yea I know what an affront to say that.
  3. There aren’t enough females left so there have to be more males that want it changed.
  4. I’m sure there are more possibilities I couldn’t think of @Zouls any logical additions?
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You’re missing the point dude. Feminism isn’t saying that a homeless white dude isn’t important. It’s saying that a MASSIVE group of people (females) have been oppressed for years and shouldn’t be.


I’m all down for a discussion on this topic, because it took several people to kind of hammer it into me, but I’m tired and I can see this turning into arguments rather than a discussion.

What I will say is that I’m happy that this community is at least aware and open for discussion. It’s too often in the gaming community that there’s abuse thrown at the movement.


Aha… easiest way out, denial. ‘‘but that wasnt what i said’’ yeah, females have been opressed, however several movements have made it to be the case that it isnt like that anymore in the western world

Some women are oppressed, some Men are opressed. however neither gender is systimatically opressed in the western world, as i said, it is still the case in some countries and we should heavily try to help that not being the case. however feminism in the west have turned into a money making machine for women who goes ‘‘QQ i have to actually work to make money’’

i have huge respect for some femisnists, especially Christina Hoff Sommers, however most have no validity and are just doing things like ‘‘i majored in gender studies and i have no job now, Patriarchy!’’

But again that goes back to my stance: I think people should be awarded on their skills, and the best person should get the job. which just means that some jobs are more suited for men and some are more suited for women, there are also biological differences affecting it, forexample birth, or wanting to become a mom.

again to empathize, i fully support human rights, i think people should have equality of opportunity, that also just means that if a man is not doing his job good enough he should get fired, and the same for a woman, even if they have two different reasons for not doing it well enough.

But in the end as you mentioned ‘‘im nothing more than a cis-gendered male who havent been systimatically opressed for centuries’’ and as such my opinion is invalid. ad-hominem 101

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I see no arguments in the sense of quarrels but I see a lot of arguments in the sense of points which is the only thing that prevents a discussion from becoming an argument^^

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I would say that it kinda is but as that is the name of the movement it is hard to change it now ^.^

Feminism doesn’t solely work with oppression though but also genral treatment and expectations about people, and there feminism helps both male and female so it could easily be argued that equalism would be a better name.


Gender is certainly not equal in the western world.

Do you, as a male, feel safe walking down a dark street at night?
Do you, as a male, worry that the clothes you’re wearing might give somebody the impression that you want them to touch you?

As a pre-service teacher in a western country, I have seen sexism forced onto young children. In one of my previous placement schools, girls went to cooking class, whilst boys went to gardening/building class (this is building that preconception that girls cook and clean and men are strong).


Equality feminism, gay rights, black lives matter (or whatever movement you want to talk about) exist solely because a large group of people have been historically been oppressed and marginalised because of their race/gender/sexuality etc. Usually in horrific, unimaginable, inhuman ways.

Claiming to be a feminist and campaigning for equal treatment for women is not the same thing as suggesting rights should be taken away from men, similarly as giving me the right to marry doesn’t take rights away from straight couples. Many straight, white men are oppressed, but not historically as a group in a whole. It’s not the same.

For example, if I hired you to work at Wonderstruck and paid you on average 24% less than everyone else because you were from Mars you’d probably have something to say about it, right? Well right now, in 2015, women Earn 24% Less than men (on average). That’s not okay, and it’s one of the reasons I consider myself a feminist. In the US, I could legally get married but I could also be harassed at work for being gay and fired legally. That would be legal.

The biggest issue facing any equality group today is that there is an assumption that sexism/racism/homophobia/whatever is ‘dead’, which is quite clearly not true. We’ve come a long way, but we still have a long way to go, and that’s exactly why we have to keep speaking up, and standing up, for fairness, equality and in general, be good people.

If you want a really concise summary, I really, really recommend you watch this video:


Another argument for equalism because not everyone is treated equally that’s the sad truth. I would have hated to miss cooking class. That was always one of my favourite classes.