I Need help with pricing

I want to sell the following but I have no idea for prices:

All of the helix machines
Helix powercoil
Pigment powercoil
Chrysominter powercoil

I love using @Mayumichi s pricer https://boundless.mayumi.fi/recipes/

Just have to put in what you value the base materials at, and it works out the single price for you, then can just adjust up from that to not lose money from tax.

Just standing in Gyosha for some rough pricing as an example.

Forgot to mention I’m PS4, not sure if that makes a difference with that pricing guide?

Well, its web based, so just need internet access I guess. Need to manually enter in the values of the base materials and then set them. I was just looking at knowledge tab and picking rough values for what you might be able to buy those base materials at in Gyosha.

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I’ll have to check it out tomorrow when I log on my pc next. Should be easier than trying to use a mobile phone lol :joy:

I use it often on my phone when I am at work =) its pretty mobile friendly.

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Just search for the item you want, press the “edit prices” to adjust the base materials values… after you put in a price for each base material (like the rough gems), press “set” and the main item price will update.

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I’ll give it ago now, thanks

It saves the values too, so once you set the rough gem prices (or other stuff) and then go to some other item if it uses rough gems, the values will already be set from the last one you did. So the more you use it, the less effort it takes… just have to adjust values as the values of items changes in game.

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I just used my mobile phone it works fine e

Very cool tool. It’s based on single craft right? Any way to set it to bulk or mass? @Mayumichi @Soju-VB

Yeah there are options for mass crafts if i remember right. Just glanced at it, you can set the quantity you want to make manually or there are options for single or mass crafts as well. It is quite flexible.

Edit: also has options to add tax to price.

Personally, I would go from main shopping planets to other main shopping planets and see what others are charging.

All calculations are based on mass craft amounts. There was some talk early in developement about being able to configure it, but the consensus then was that nobody uses single crafts when pricing their things.

There is a “round up to the nearest mass craft” button so you can pick the correct number of ingredients from your storage if you want to start crafting it and only use mass crafts, since you often have to take a bit extra to end up with the wanted amount. But this doesn’t affect the price calclations, just the displayed quantity numbers.


If someone sells them at that price I’ll buy them instead of crafting them :sweat_smile: have better uses for those mats.

Hey check out the superstore I have had most of these items for sale, my prices do now need to come down a touch, but they were working.
Our minter coils sold out yesterday.