I need help!


Hi everyone!!
As mentioned in my last post I’m somewhat new back here following a two year hiatus and while I love the changes perhaps I could get some help with a few things (either with feedback here, or if anyone wants to jump in game and help me I won’t say no to that either). I have already looked through the forums and existing threads and while I have found threads detailing where to find gleam (what worlds and what biomes) and threads doing the same for gems like ruby/amethyst/etc. I have spent days following the guidelines (not full days of in game time, but my time in game over several days) and yet have ultimately found nothing. It might be in part because I am having a *osti de callisse * of a time figuring out where to find portals to/ways to certain – primarily: most – planets. I also can’t figure out which coordinates/altitude I’m at and in general don’t know how to seek out/find any materials beyond copper/iron, coal, and fossils.
I would love any and all help with this and if anyone does want to jump in game and show me the ropes (and gleam locations haha) I would be thrilled. If anyone wants to join me in game and build stuff without being able to help with any of that stuff, that’s cool too. That said, I have a couple active builds going with a buddy of mine, one on Solum and one on Vulpto so I probably don’t want to join in and help with any city or other builds already on the go but people are always welcome to join the builds we’ve already started.


If you don’t mind hunting for you gems you might find that a lot easier. Are you on the Boundless Discord?


One, I have no idea what hunting for my gems means (does that mean killing animals can get me gems?? what about gleam, that too??), and two, no. No I am not, how do I join?


Here is the Discord.

And yes, hunting creatures is currently the most effective way to get gems, and also taking part and looting meteors.

As far as gleam, if you’re looking for red gleam you’re out of luck that’s really hard to get. Yellow, and blue is found in graves scattered around. Under the small graves made of rocks. Planet Munteen gives you blue, planet Nasharil gives yellow. If you travel to elope portas you can easily find cream gleam.

A guild call Portal Seekers run hunts daily, you can either tag along or join them and you’ll have mates to watch your back!

I would join, but I work a lot…


high tier mobs drop gems - gleam can only be found as a rock block in nature - its not a dropable item at this moment


You can get gems from some creatures on strong planets, also from meteorites(which also means killing creatures lol) but only the strong ones do. So get some good gear an up your hp before trying that. As of which planets I think Nasharil and Munteen are the ones. Good luck!

Edit: I haven’t done meteorites on high tier planets so I could have lied to you :stuck_out_tongue:


Munteen Is a good planet. Nasharil mobs are a bit tough but I think Alturnik is the worse… don’t go there. I would get a hold a few peeps on discord and post on LFG channel. Just don’t go alone for your first meteor event.



I don’t have the game, but Jiivita has a lot of visits on almost all updates. DanBeforeTime also has a couple, and in one he hunts for gleam. Hope that was helpful.


I think you mean videos here.




Lol, I think I typed in vids, and it auto corrected it.


I’m really hoping they do a rebalance so that this thing called ‘mining’ – you know, how 100% of the gems are found in reality – has a chance to actually find gems. I have zero interest in hunts, am specced pure mining, and in spite of living at the bottom levels of Vulpto mining for the last week or so, have never laid eyes on a ruby.


You need to make sure you’re under mountainous regions to stand a chance of finding rubies on Vulpto. They’re not that abundant really.


I’m hunting the lava layers under a mountain range.

Yeah, that’s kind of my point – it seems extremely counter-intuitive that the only reliable way to find gems is to slaughter your way across the multiverse as opposed to diligent mining.


I agree.
I wonder if they are considering fixing this.
Or is it moving toward just being a hunting game.


It’s only counter-intuitive because Minecraft made it a norm to have all resources evenly distributed no matter what terrain (or biome) they are under.

Boundless isn’t Minecraft though - it prefers to make miners work for the knowledge of the best places to mine things - much like you have in real life.

Personally, I like that you have specific biomes that you can find them in - it makes them a rarer find than just strip mining the whole planet and coming back with stacks of them, no matter where you look.

That said, I’m not 100% certain that the regeneration of gems is working correctly, as there never seems to be any new deposits in the areas I used to mine quite frequently (I can’t believe that someone else always gets there before me either).


I’ve played another game, planet explorers, where minerals were only found in some areas, but they gave you a scanner to help find the right area, so you didn’t waste a lot of time digging in a wrong place.


So maybe we could have a little charm, just like the light cube. We shake this charm so it sings louder when near rare materials.


We might have something better than that in development…


oooohhhh dowsing rod??