I need help!


we better get a device that sings loud when a hunter or rock parasite are near…
or we will have heart attacks left right and center and half of the miner population will be wiped out very soon :joy:


oh no kidding. just the pic of those things freak me out, one creeping up on me as i wander a dark tunnel, focues on a metal vein? gah! heart attack! :fearful:


what if that parasite bites your hammer and destroys it? a diamond hammer gone in one bite lol - that would hurt more than heart attack or dying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Intruiging possibilities.
Sounds like interesting changes ahead.


Old one… :slight_smile:


As someone who mined maybe 5 hours yesterday and about 3 today - in the right place for gold and silver, too - I really feel miners are not rewarded for their efforts. I haven’t gone gem hunting yet, and although I LOVE mining, I’m not really looking forward to it because when you finally find a gold or silver seam or vein or whatever, and it only yields 2 - 5 blocks, that’s dissapointing, so hunting x amount of hours for gems doesn’t seem, at this point, that’ll yield many… y’know, gems!


Oh baby. Can’t wait to see.



They’ll rebalance for sure. There are most likely missing item drops as of right now which make hunting feel lackluster. With the gem drops it incentivizes player to hunt so that they can do further testing after this meteorite update.


What could be better than an audio cue? Oh yes a visual cue, huh? :wink:


from the hints here and there: more mobs in future and new items in game, drops will be spread between creatures, making them unique for certain species;
so, enjoy gem drops until they lasts - I have a feeling they are temporarily available for hunters to make for poor gem yield from mining