I though I was smart...not

With my solidifier in hand, happely making my way over the immens lava lakes this new Exo has I saw a meteor drop on the edge of a cliff. The mobs spawning over the lava dying instantly. Oh goody this is finally my chance to have meteor win on an exo planet!

But the oortgods were not smiling upon me…even with in their deathstruggel they fired bombs at me which killed me instantly :upside_down_face:

On the bright side, I did get a lot of loot and the final dormant meteor gave a few oortstones too. :smiley:


And thus, @Mittekemuis became a cautionary tale for oortlings far and wide, and the “-1 Solidifier of meteoric death” was lost to the exo gods for all eternity. May they Rest In Peace.

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You can survive to see it? I’d die before it even landed from some other cause: mobs already spawned, falling, or slingshotting myself into a wall lol :laughing:

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