I wanna thank you!

To whoever came and bought out all of 4 of my hunt shop stands on the first night my shop was open…thank you so much! What did you think of the shop? I put a lot of time into it and think it goes along with the general theme of my area. (That tower it’s under, next to the striped tent, is gonna be a big friendly hobo clown. :grin: )


Wasn’t me but cool place

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That was me stocking up on hunting mats :smiley:

When I came close to your place it looked already interesting from afar.
Opening the door to your shop and seeing all the signs I was thinking “Is this the correct place?”. Going downstairs revealed that I am at the right place. Was already thinking that glass blocks would make a great maze and now here it is. A maze shop was still a surprise. Good that you did not use one of the extreme transparent colors.
Was fun to find the right shop stands. Not too difficult but perhaps not a shop for everyday shopping :wink:

My favorite on your build is the broken egg. That has a nice touch :slight_smile:


Haha well thank you! Check back regularly cuz I hunt every night I can…and I’m not using this stuff right now. Lol!

Yeah, I didn’t want to use a crazy color. Went between silk yellow and a blue…maybe. Or white. Silk yellow was easier to grab more of than the other colors. Imagine, though, if I had used stale moss? Haha!!!

That place where the egg is in my tent changes every month! I like doing random holiday hang out spots, for lack of a better term! :grin: Last month I put a pot o gold with a big 4 leaf gleam clover there…and really didn’t want to change it lol so I’ll likely build it somewhere else.


Thank you for the compliment. And might I say…cool name. Hehehe!


Where is this place sounds cool a maze shop

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Used PS Biitula -> PS Alder -> S3 labeled Tiger Lake
You can already see it to the northeast then

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I’m working on trying to keep the other portals up, but that and Tigg’s Tunnels has a portal in Alder too…Georgio has one or two portals leading to me hidden at his place as well… :grin:

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Ah, I found your place as well!
I didn’t spend as much as Lorgar but you did have a nice price on Hopper Cores making me not want to quit the maze 'till I found the goodies.
Nice going.

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Why thank you! :heart: I do my best to please! :slight_smile: Working on figuring in a portal hub to my shop, to make it easier to find :laughing: …and building up more materials to sell!! :joy: