I want Rift 🧐


if someone sells rifts I’m interested … 700c - 750c max. Contact me please


Have over 200 at Lake but selling for 795. If you still need some when I get back from work in 8 ish hours I’m sure a deal can be struck :slight_smile:


how can i find the store?




Alu-tech laso has some for sale at a cheap price (portal off my shop)


yours are already sold and alu-tech has only one at 859 :frowning:


Crikey… Maybe I should have pm’ed you… These others are quick


I’m selling rift at 750c. Have 110 in stock. Going to get more now. Store #86 in the gyosha mall. Corruption outlet is the name.


i cleared all the stores already from the rift :slight_smile: sorry guys :slight_smile: i just saw this post so i though i would let u know :slight_smile:


Strange. I haven’t gotten a notification for it. So you may have missed mine.


You miss some @Hashmalash :slight_smile:


I can sell you 54 if you want.


Where? … Private please :slight_smile:


Just meet me at ultima :slight_smile: Hand trade no worries

On top of one of the bunnies :slight_smile:


well hard to clear entire market :slight_smile: but im sure i cleared 90% XD


I’m here Quimby, it’s me @QuimbyBoundless


if someone else sells rifts pm me please