I want to buy lots of glowing mushrooms


Anyone know of good shops other than Mara’s and Hearth Guard (I bought theirs already)? Looking to add shrooms to Legendville mall :blush:


My shop Mad Mag’s has a good amount. Portals through DSK Galaxy and Hunt Hive


Do you have much non exo? I mostly saw exp for glow cap fungus

Nice shop btw! Exo prices seem a bit high but great layout and selection. I’d also have the portals face the shop, or have an arrow pointing left to the shop with a sign for when people come through the portals :blush:


Yea they should all be there unless someone recently bought me out. Easy to miss since they’re rotating with other fungi of the same color.

Im still keeping an eye on prices to see whats selling and whats not so they may go down over the next few weeks. Hopefully you saw my survey sign about my prices. Chance for free plants for feedback on prices. But since you mentioned it here I can just add you to the list anyway :smiley:

As far as portals they will be moved soon. I’m building a boulder shop next door so I have to figure out where to put the new portals. I’ll do the sign idea though, thats a good idea. Thanks


Hm you may be out. Or mostly out.
I love the gleam backlit blink in the basement btw!


I’ll check when I get on tonight. Do you know what colors you were looking for specifically?


Found some in green haha. I want all colors besides blue pretty much (I have those covered). I bought all your greens, priced a bit high compared to others I’ve seen, but there’s not a ton of mushroom shops haha. Most are around 140-150


Fuschia, vivid yellow, and vivid mint are the only non blueish glowcaps in the live world. I’ll take another look at my prices, trying to mostly gauge price based off of the the price of the resources they drop. I’ll update my shop thread when I slash prices. Otherwise thanks for the feedback and purchases :grin:


I have some on Dzassak. I’ll put them out in shop stands for you.


Sweet :blush: you’re on Imoco?

Come see what I’ve been doing with all these mushrooms at DK’s Legendville Mall and Dk’s Ultima Tree btw :blush:


Where are they? I found legendville but not sure if it was the right place.


It’s east of Legendville hub, or direct portals from Gyosha Mall, Ultima Mall, Ultima Tree, TNT, PS Biitula, DSK and HSE


Very nice. I have to admit I don’t do much exploring on the known worlds anymore, but I will definitely remember these places. I have 80 pure red shrooms for you, and at least a few of most other colors. There’s three more exo colors on the upper level as well.


Hm couldn’t find my way there. You’re at PS Imoco? How do I get there from grovidas or Biitula? I’m terrible at the PS system haha


Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. It’s on Dzassak from Imoco. So once you travel to Dzassak from Imoco, just keep running straight.