I was thinking 🤔

We need boats, I’m tired of swimming in Besse.


I whole heartedly concur.

why boats
boundless people dont row a boat to uncreative for a good voxelgame :rofl:


A jet pack might be easier to implement.
Should it run on sparc batteries or Oort?

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on lava :smile: very instable

What about a water equivalent of a grapple? A gripple?

Flippers. Scuba gear.

Once we have actual wearable equipment, those two things could be a thing. At some point there was a discussion about submarines too when it was about vehicles…


submarines? need get out more are there oceans on some planets?
our seas
now to think off it a waterplanet doesnt sound bad

I personally want a rental world that’s 90% deep ocean. So I can have a floating fortress on the water and underwater base beneath it.

The devs did say they want to explore water life more.

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Yeah, scuba gear or waterbreathing pie or something please. The sinking quirk is okay but I’d like to stay under longer.

Would love boats etc too, if feasible.

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Well waterbreathing could be a brew or food. I’d just love to have some flippers and scuba gear. Cause right now… you have to use blocks underwater to create air pockets and honestly swimming is stupid slow when moving vertical so even using air pockets doesn’t always work.

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Diving bell, even!

Boats! Yes, how about we craft our own rafts!?

Yes where we have to adjust a sail to move in that direction.

I would like boats but We need planets with more water then land at least one would be nice

This is not atlas. Lol