Ice tools!

Don’t remember where I saw it but someone mentioned ice tools somewhere and I think that this is an awesome idea for solidifying liquid! Make the tool break instantly if it hits anything else or have a very low durability but make it forgeable for different options when making bridges. If it breaks doing anything other than solidifying it won’t matter that ice is a very easy resource to get. I think there are too many little things being added to the forge for no reason. Such as unchisel really should have just been added to every chisel once it’s in its smallest state another whack makes it whole again. I think Ice tools to make bridges would be a cool thing for newer players to be able to access really early in the game.

They introduced a tool to solidify any liquid in the farming release. You can solidify lava, water, or the other two liquids I do not remember.

You solidify all 4

They introduced a venerable boon for tools, and I believe the OP is wanting to address the idea that the mechanic could have been added without involving forging.

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Fair enough and I would have preferred it did not need forging also.

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That was my intent. Not blocking it behind forging and also making it a very newb tool. Like imagine still being on your first starter world and putting a point into tool crafting and seeing wow! I can make an ice tool if I just hunt for an ice biome. I personally hated swimming when I first started the game making this item craftable early on would be a nice way to throw the new players a bone.

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This is very easy forging though. Just like auto door or breaking liquid or change block etc. These are really not difficult to make and not expensive to buy.

Solidifying tool is really powerful and making it accessible from start wouldn’t probably feel OK.

It is easy forging but a new player doesn’t have access to the forge and all the mats right off the bat. Giving a new player something cool to play with early on could help to keep them interested. I can’t imagine veterans being upset that anyone can make a bridge across water. You can already bridge across lakes with blocks as soon as you enter the world to me this ability doesn’t seem overpowered for a beginner. Just something fun for new players to play around with before they discover shops and portal networks and the forge.

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Yeah but new players don’t need it as much as those who explore higher tier worlds. Appreciation of it I think comes later in game as one progresses. Hence I don’t think having that toy is necessary to have from the start. I can’t imagine this being a heart breaker for a new player, or something that could change a quitter’s mind.

I guess agree to disagree. A new player isn’t going to be able to use it to map out lava planets. They would still need all protections and many other stats to survive. And like you said it’s easy to forge and could be done on low tier tools for super cheap so what’s the harm in letting a new player have this ability unlocked for them before they learn about shops and trading.

The main idea here is we need some cool things that aren’t blocked by forging. I use the forge plenty and like it. Don’t even have a problem with rng. But it took a long time for me to be able to use it. Currently in game the only thing you can do without the forge is break blocks one at a time. I see no negative to having a few of the games perks/ boons be craftable items. Unchisel doesn’t make sense to me in the forge. I also feel that the new bomb buffs make more sense as augments than boons considering the augment aspect of this game is barely used.


Kinda surprised there wasn’t more input on this idea :thinking:

to soon wait for the ice booths
and freeze sneakers

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