Icehaim - Agabab

I’ve been working on building in Agabab, the snowy, ice covered place that I hardly see anyone. At least over where I am. But I set up a little, barrier of sorts around an area that I am going to be building a town, this is what I have so far…

Someone did build a nerd pole over by where I am. Hopefully they take it down sometime.


The last picture with the bridge in the snow looks atmospherically Oortarific!

just take down the pole yourself Carto no one will hate you for it!
The build looks promising keep it up :smile:

So, the pole was removed by the… Icehaim Home Owners Association… yeah…

Anyway. So part of Icehaim is this wonderful Holy Ice Pillar, magically transported from the Ice feilds to the north of Icehaim. It rests in the town square as a memorial to the Great Frost, and the Oortians.

Now, part of the downside to being in a world of ice, and only ice, is that it makes having a job like farming harder, and stuff. And there is always a need for someone to rent a room or something… I present, the great hall. Inside the southern ridge that guards Icehaim lies the hall, when complete it will have many utilities. Shopping, housing, storage. Most things will be available in the Hall alone. As well as the houses built into the side of the ridge, accessible using your handy grappling hook

Today I also decided that Icehaim needed a smiths forge and house…

And finally, the southern spire, to mark the boundary of the township.

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