Iconic [ICON] Guild Mega Thread: Become an Icon


With the Looking For Group channel coming soon, they might be smaller and more often, or MUCH bigger :slight_smile: Or both (if that makes sense). Will be interesting to see.


Thanks for the hunt. It wasn’t my first one with you guys won’t be the last. :beers:


Low Level hunt at 5pm EST meeting on Merika with Bob! see you there.



Thanks everyone who came to the low level hunt


Our next hunt will be tomorrow. Tuesday 5pm Est. Meeting at Besevrona PS hub. Location of the hunt is unknown to me atm. Though it will be T5 or T6. Hunt lead “Alienfish”. I will post more details before the hunt. See everyone there.


Hunt Update: 5pm EST today. 30mins from posting. Meetining PS hub Besverona. Hunting Alcyon. Hunt Master:Alienfish.


Did you try using the new Universe channel to promote the hunt?


of course thanks :slight_smile: I will be posting everywhere still. Wait until everyone sees this new thing I am doing during hunting. Thanks Fig.


Mwahaha Iconic taking hunting to the next level


Iconic is recruit a full time Engineer to do this during hunts and focus on healing and rezzing.

If you are interested message me in discord or email on the boundless site.


Next hunt Saturday 5pm est. Besevrona with me. Orrian

See all our info and events.



Hunt tonight at the Besevrona PS Hub. We have added on around the area.
There will be supplies offered by the Slingbow Depot tonight every cheap. Hope to see everyone there. We will also be trying our beacon home healing buff along with a few other things.

seriously the bows are gonna be cheap… :wink:

also just made some 340 rank long range grapples. They will be there with revives. Healing Bombs anything anyone will need.


You guys are awesome and so super efficient. I can only admire that! Keep it up :boundless:


When is the hunt .
Edit. Nvm im blind haha


We will be leaving in a few minutes.


I would like to thank Martok for leading Sunday’s hunt. Great turn out and well led. Thank you Martok!


Joined a few hunts so far and I enjoyed them all. Keep up the good work.


Thank you and we will try


Gathering for the hunt right now.