Iconic [ICON] Guild Mega Thread


Time to introduce Iconic. We are a mid size guild based on Beservona. That is where our hall is
located and mostly where we hunt.

Most of our members play daily. Very friendly and helpful, we are currently working together on a handful of projects. We do utilize Discord.

What do we offer? We have full buff coils and will always have buffs running.
We also have a weekly hunt. Usually last 2 hours. We are currently looking for more “Hunt Masters” so we can do more events. If you have any questions please ask. Also most of us are NA based although we do have members in other countries.

You can find the portal to our hall right off the PS hub on Beservona. Come say hello.
Oh also we are having a hunt in the hall in 3 hours.



Looks amazing! Will have to swing past and check out those builds later.


would yu guys be interested in a art room in the guildsanctum and a secondary innersanctum info room :smile:
arte intera crew is very impressed with the quality off build works you guys have and would be honored to have ya in our project :smile:


Of course sign me up.


Thanks for that hunt today everyone one of our bigger turn outs. It was a lot of fun.


Looks beautiful! I’ll come spread some footfall!


Rly nice! Hope you all the best!


I have been ask to recruit a few Aussies. If you would like to join come on over. Most of us are NA based. but it would be awesome to have more time zones involved. And that would give some of our players more people to game with.