Iconic Resource Hub / New Portal Entrace


Our latest farm on Besevrona is the gravel and saltpetre farm. And as always, level 5 drops the same amount as level 6 planets. Source

The farm has a 2x3 plot area which contains 1144 gravel blocks (99%). The other blocks are 6 sand blocks and 2 clay, no stones or other annoying things.

The gravel farm can be reached through the Iconic Resource Hub.


We can make more areas downstairs. Who would think Besevrona! was such a hot spot.


Gravel farm open!


Thank you for these. I use your resource hub almost every day, it’s fantastic! Keep up the great work!


Yes, thank you farm suppliers. This portal chain would be nothing without you!


New Entrance. The portal named Iconic at Gyosha Mall’s main hub.

New Entrance at Quebec mall.