Iconic Resource Hub / Now with Dark Glass Farm


Announcing the Iconic Resource Hub. Offering dozens of resource farms and mines. This is an active Iconic Guild project created by the great members of the guild. We are currently looking to fill many of the portals.

What we are looking for?
-T6 Mines
-T6 Gleam Farms
-T6 Orb Farms
-T6 Bean Farms
-T6 Berry Farms
-T6 Mushroom Farms

There are portals already open to farms so do not wait too long. Mailboxes are placed in every planet hub to contact us.

Ways to enter the Resource Hub.

  • Iconic City Portal Biitula PS Hub
  • Legendville
  • Besevrona PS Hub

European Farming Club
Iconic [ICON] Guild Mega Thread: Streaming Now

The EFC farms can now also be reached through the awesome new Iconic Resource Hub.


You can also request on our Discord
Resource Portal Request channel.


This hub is now accessible at all T6 PS Hubs.


Just to clarify, you’re hoping to have portals to resources on all the T6 worlds, even mud over and over again?


We will be finding farms to connect to every planet if can for most if not all mats


We’re bobs farms


Right, I’m asking about Iconics plans specifically.


Iconic will have hubs on every planet. If you have a farm you want to attach. Let @Orrian know. He’s the guild leader


Or well @Taleyah she’s the true guild leader :wink:


We will offer tokens to any farms right nownwe just have T6.


Dont forget mines aswell


Morey is a butt kisser lol. I will make a chart to show what we have in hubs already.


And just to clarify…There is never enough mud farms!!!


We have a ton of farms up people. Come use them!! Thanks everyone that has linked up with us. We hope this resource chain helps everyone.


Added portals to the Iconic Resource Besevrona hub for the EFC peat and silty soil farms and a link to our new gleam farm.


Sure are great farms.


So I have farms on;
Besverona (t4)
Delta Cancrete (t4)
Trior (T1)

What hub on which planet would I attach portals to? Im primarily concerned about portal costs.


well you could get tokens to Galan, Norkyna, Besv, Mkrib. all portals would be 1x2.


We’ve added our gleam farm to the Iconic Resource Hub on Kol Huroo. And here you can stand on brickswhile farming your gleam, in case you despise ice as much as I do.