Iconicsberg / Iconic / Hive Mega Thread: Orrian hunt 6pm EST VOTE

Would be nice to get different beacons. These tribal things don’t work with your design.

And why did you imprison @Taleyah inside a force field?


Lol Requesting futuristic beacons.

Think I will move to the roof soon.

Thank you for that, that improves the usability of the hub not only for hunters and Exo Explorers but for everyone who wants to warp to his favorite gathering/mining location.



Farming hubs with exo spotting platforms! What a novel idea! Tho gotta say it does have a familiar ring to it, hmmmmmmm :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Novel ? did I say novel ? lemme check… no! :laughing: Of course everything had been done in the game but it does not change anything on the fact that conforming to customer suggestion/request is valued - you should know that, right ? :smirk:

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Its not a tower just the roof. Im mostly proud of the public warp in the middle. Turned out amazing.

I mostly use the hubs for hunting. Resources are just an added bonus.

What is a public warp and why is it needed? I’ve seen this mentioned multiple times in game.

Lets anyone put a warp down without exiting the hub.

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But you can just enter the sanctum to do that 3:?

edit: Also therez some straaange door in Iconicsberg whats tis all bout 3:?

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Public warp is faster. And better with a hunt party.


Oh ofc for a party, makes sense!

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Ive always used the old hub roofs to find exos. Now there is stairs. The outside isnt pretty and Probably never will be but please do enjoy the interior.

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Yep with the logo and all it looks nice!

Like I just told Combustive on discord I wanted to do that with my exo platforms too but it means that the ones I already made need to be changed and made bigger, started with 2x2 platforms and need to change to 3x3. Postponed it since I had spent way too much time on the remodel/conversion of the portal gates to Farm Hubs…

As said on discord didn’t mean anything by it just funny that I’m not the only one who had the idea of adding them to farm hubs :wink:


Retro hunt on Besevrona 6:30pm EST

No mini games this time sorry all.
Meet at the Hunt Hive and lets smash some things.

Hunt 1 hour from now. Besevrona ground hunt!

You doing a hunt later tonight?

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right now hunt starts

New bark and sap farm located only at the Iconic Resource Hub on Malurialakrib.


Easy to climb ramps if you are entering from outside the hub. Or use the ground level portal up.

The portal is double sided for entry outside the farm. Or easy travel back up from the bottom of the farm itself.

The farm is a 3x3 wood block set up. 16 blocks deep. Around 144 blocks farmed on your way down.

If you regen your way back up wait until you have reached the marble base level. You should then warp to the top roof. Drop back down in the room. Or simple use the 1x2 portal available at the bottom.

Drop your junk wood off in the basket. I am buying for mint prices and just minting it for you. No need to carry that junk back to your well organized storage rooms.

Hope everyone enjoys the farm. See you soon.


Finally got some tokens out on those fancy player portals at Iconicsberg Plaza. Come grab one. Many things are located near by.

Coming soon… Seaside Exchange

Any ideas on what should be bought and sold here? Prices will set for no profit only to cover tax.

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Looks great Orrian! Thanks for the new farm.

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