Iconicsberg / Iconic / Hive Mega Thread: Orrian hunt 6pm EST VOTE

Thank you everyone for using them. I hope they are helping out.

Guess what Orr Corp strikes again.

Located on Norkyna. Only in the Iconic resource hub. THE LARGEST GRAVEL / SALTPETRE FARM EVER… that I know of.

Here are some pics.


Sweet…I only use it farms they are all awesome

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Remodel is complete. All our T5,T6 hubs. Please come grab a 1x2 personal on the roof if you live on any of these planets. Also if you see @Taleyah thank her for building most the hubs!

Center logo is a public warp. Roof access for exo searching and personal portals.


Need more locations for Orrian Towers the finest in luxury vactions.

How many planets are you trying to cover? how many existing? With what purpose

We wouldn’t mind one on Storiss II in Lacuna if your just adding locations…

(Hope this also allows you to post again as it appears you reached your limit posting in a row)

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All floor’s “unused” portals will now be turned into shops. Any guild and personal portals will be grandfathered in and marked as personal. “Unused” Portals not available are water drangons and slingbow depot. They will remain reserved.

Top floor portals can be resized larger if needed.

Please say hello to Squib while you are there.

You’re going to kill the TNT <-> The Hive portal?

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That’s how I access the town.

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where do relocate the TNT megahub portal too?

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No all open portals are fine and will remain.


10 characters

  • Iconicsburg
  • Ruins of Orr

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Name change will include living story

I definitely dig the Ruins change. Also, whatever story follows a renaming to Ruins.

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If you take the TNT Biitula portal you will be in Axon…Axon has a portal to the Hive.

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Norkyna OA platform hunt 6pm EST. Little less than 2 hours from now. Meet at the Hive. Get some Oort.

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Ruins of Orr smell like GW2 but sound good :slight_smile: Maybe better to consider Ruins of Oor :wink:


Edit: Just saw the announcement of the hunt on the exo. Awesooome!

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I like GW!

GW? I think you meant RedY3.

Found you again @RedY3! I’m not a stalker :flushed:

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