Iconicsberg / Iconic / Hive Mega Thread: Recruiting hunt leads

Iconicsberg Plaza

All items donated by Iconic Guild members ensure low prices.
Iconic Guild Store supplies meteor hunt drops at low cost.
Hammers, Bows, Pies and Brews made by members can also be found in the plaza at low cost. Limited supplies. Check back often.

The Hive

You most likely already know about The Hive.
Gathering place for many hunts. Dozens of portals offering some of the best shops in game. Resource hub takes center stage.

The Exchange

The Exchange is an ongoing project to bring a bustling market area to Iconicsberg. The first area constructed consisted of 8 4x4 shop areas at the going price of 500k. These areas sold out before The Exchange could even be announced. The area is currently being expanded for more shop areas. Things are looking great.

The main entrance to The Exchange is located at the Hunt Hive or just hop off the Biitula Hubbit or East of the Portal Seeker Hub.

The 1st block of The Exchange has SOLD OUT!

B-Block will contain 8 to 9 more 4x4 Shop areas. Located right next to A-Block.

The roads are marked and areas are ready to be sold. The roads will be built 1st priority while you are creating the shop of your dreams.

I ensure no matter where you are in The Exchange your shop will not be lost in the background.

“Grapple Ways” through the market will be installed after road completion. Along with “Fast Travel” portals

Lets look around town.


Please join our discord and give us a shout in The Exchange channel to purchase a shop.

Looks Awesome ! if you need anything from the Hubbit Network just let us know


One of the newly built shops sells items with magnet on them.

Looks great Undead.


This Friday at 6:30pm EST. We will be gathering at the Besevrona PS hub for an old fashion ground hunt on Besevrona. Just like old times! See you there.


Ok here is the scoop. Friday make sure you have room to sign a book. I am doing a Lotto!!!

Winner will be announced at the end of hunt “1.5 hours”. You must still be active in the hunt to win.
Prize 100k. Not bad for going to a hunt.

2nd: Bring a grapple. Not only for the GROUND hunt, also for a little mini game I would like to play mohahaha. 30 Forged bows for the taking. If you are fast enough!

FRIDAY 6:30 pm EST be early!

Lotto book will be cleared after hunt.

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Along with forged bows there will also be some food and brews. :slight_smile:

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I’m excited!!! Who’s with me!?


I’m excited to see this but bummed that I’ll be at work. Hopefully it’s a great turnout.

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Hopefully everyone has fun. Just a little game and then a coin give away. Could be the start of more. :slight_smile:

I will be sure to take screenshots.

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Current prize count.
9 diamond,
9 sapphire,
9 topaz bows,
pies and brews,
100k coins,
3 Rift bows,
50 exotic yam seeds
100 rough rift,
100 blink,
maybe 100 umbris have to see what I have.

This list will grow by time of hunt. Make sure you have a grapple!


Great hunt they were falling like crazy :slight_smile: Hope everyone had fun!

Hope everyone had fun with the door prizes lol.

Congratulations to HolyNinja and Ruber for you 100k each wins.

Thank you @morey523 for the last min hammer donation!

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Great fun, thanks @Orrian :smile:


Come check out the new Enjoy shop at The Exchange in Iconicsberg. Great tool and weapon prices. Gems ect! You can find the portal to “The Exchange” at the Hunt Hive Center. Just added portals at Duskmoor and Legendville.

Nice :blush:
10 char

We are recruiting active players and or hunt leads into the family. Not only are we one of the largest most active guilds. We are a friendly community.
One of the oldest surviving guilds. Guild plays at many time zones.

We offer guild led hunts,
Fast growing market,
One of the best shopping hubs and resource networks with resources.
Weekly buffs

Anything you can imagine you will find with Iconic. Come be an Icon.

Contact me or us on discord. Its time for you to be part of something bigger.

I know you want to join the Deep Blue Sea. Dont be skeert. I dont bite.

And don’t forget Bob’s here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Just keep the topic going, how old are you guys as guild and how big are you then? :smiley:

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oh since before the Patch. Did not start growing until after.

Serpen hunt/resource hub

Access through Iconic Besevrona hub. 10 resource portal available. Public warp in center. Exo viewing on roof. Bam!

This project was sparked thanks to @Combustive hunt yesterday. Hopefully all hubs can be remodeled soon.

Iconic your choice is quality and efficiency.

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