Iconicsberg / Iconic / Hunt Hive / The Exchange MEGA THREAD


Iconicsberg Plaza

All items donated by Iconic Guild members ensure low prices.
Iconic Guild Store supplies meteor hunt drops at low cost.
Hammers, Bows, Pies and Brews made by members can also be found in the plaza at low cost. Limited supplies. Check back often.

The Hive

You most likely already know about The Hive.
Gathering place for many hunts. Dozens of portals offering some of the best shops in game. Resource hub takes center stage.

The Exchange

The Exchange is an ongoing project to bring a bustling market area to Iconicsberg. The first area constructed consisted of 8 4x4 shop areas at the going price of 500k. These areas sold out before The Exchange could even be announced. The area is currently being expanded for more shop areas. Things are looking great.

The main entrance to The Exchange is located at the Hunt Hive or just hop off the Biitula Hubbit or East of the Portal Seeker Hub.

The 1st block of The Exchange has SOLD OUT!

B-Block will contain 8 to 9 more 4x4 Shop areas. Located right next to A-Block.

The roads are marked and areas are ready to be sold. The roads will be built 1st priority while you are creating the shop of your dreams.

I ensure no matter where you are in The Exchange your shop will not be lost in the background.

“Grapple Ways” through the market will be installed after road completion. Along with “Fast Travel” portals

Lets look around town.


Please join our discord and give us a shout in The Exchange channel to purchase a shop.


Looks Awesome ! if you need anything from the Hubbit Network just let us know


One of the newly built shops sells items with magnet on them.

Looks great Undead.