Idea - Beacons, PVP, and Territories

I have an interesting thought for a pvp system in the game. What if, on pvp servers, there was a system allowing players to band together and create large zones of pvp-safe territory?

Bundled with this is an idea for beacons, and how to make them more flexible - easily protecting areas that are not round. We’d need a mini-beacon of sorts. In my head they are multi-colored lamps made with lamps and gleam - so for this illustration, we’ll call it a gleam lamp! Gleam lamps would be super simple, just a block in game that registers an owner, and a small radius (5-10 blocks), and no one except the owner can modify blocks within that radius.

Beacons would protect a larger radius, but the cooler thing they would do is “power” any gleam lamp within (ex) 100 blocks. A powered gleam lamp would protect 20 blocks instead. A beacon would also have more options, and anything selected would extend to the powered gleam lamps within the beacon’s radius. Options for build collaborators of course, other permissions, and options for PVP could also be contained within beacons. Allow PVP, allow duels only, or safe.

The lamps would allow you to beacon an irregular shape without using crazy resources. Roads, or super tall and narrow builds, bridges, etc.

“Fueling” a beacon (adding consumable fuel to a slot within) could unlock a “territory” tab. It wouldn’t increase protected blocks - but it would allow you to declare a radius around your beaconed land as your “territory”. There could be different grades of fuel - that each provide a larger radius, but larger radius means higher level fuel.

Territory would have everything to do with PVP, or PVE if you prefer. If you are in your territory, or your guild’s territory, or territory of a friend, you are safe. You can’t be attacked by other players. If you’re in neutral territory (which would be default for guilds unrelated to yours or people you don’t know), you can be attacked, but the attacker gets a “pvp” flag allowing them to be attacked, even in friendly territory, which persists for a bit. If you’re in enemy territory, you can be attacked, with no penalties.

We’d have to have a foes list (which I think would need more discussion to prevent exploits) in addition to our friends list, and guilds would need to be able to add other guilds as allies. Guilds would become enemies via a feuding system. One guild declares war, and if the other accepts, they are feuding. All guild territories are then hostile for the opposite guild’s members. Each guild’s allies could opt in or out depending on preference.

Beacons can’t overlap for obvious reasons, but territories could overlap - with a warning message if you are placing a beacon close to someone else’s territory. Overlapping territories would be contested. Two PVP guilds might want to build with overlapping territories on purpose - and have epic battles to try to overtake the contested area.

I think the idea would need to be tweaked to prevent people creating death traps for new players, but what does everyone think? I think it could be fun to have PVP vs PVE completely in the hands of the players on some servers.


love the gleam lamp!

Beacons should be able to be set to pve and pvp on all servers regardless if these are pve or pvp by default. The mini beacons seem nice, but I just not see a use for them if you have to place a glowing lamp for them. We had some thoughts about smaller beacons to hold bridges or tunnels, so I don’t want all of those enlightened by the same lamp ^^. If you make them powered you could also build a normal small beacon instead, so that feature would also be of no big use.

The idea of pvping to get gild on some ground is a great idea. On already had some nice ideas about beacon sieging in the past in the forum here, but the idea to have to fight for the right to enlarge the own beacon over the other one sounds cool, even if it will be hard to find a good rule set for that.

And jeah, we need the gleam lamp, even if it may be just colored glowing deco :wink:

Yes, I would love to see gleam lamps just as multicolored options too.

The mini-beacons being gleam lamps was just how I saw them in my head - I even said “for this illustration” - kind of a default thought since most builds would need to be lighted anyway. They could be invisible, or be crafted to look like any block.

Actually, what led me to thinking of the smaller beacons was imagining guild territory, as visible on a map. If your guild territory were simply a radius around one beacon, it would be round on the map, and a perfectly round territory would look very strange… So I thought, how could beacons be made to be non-circular? And came upon having them with multiple points from which to calculate the radius.

@Jenndragonfly - I’m on Lapas too btw - brand new to the game, so no real builds yet. Love what you did with the capital!

hmm, the concept of “guild territory” sounds good. So instead of of placing a single beacon and fire it up into max size you would then build a large one and some “satelite beacons” which then add some space to the main beacon, but just arround itself. … Yeah, that sounds like a good alternative :wink:

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Nice Post.

I agree with Jenndragonfly, I also like the gleam lamps idea - well multicoloured lamps anyway (Devs may have other plans for the gleam (portals ??).

I like the mini-beacon notion, and the means to “adjust” beacon borders, though I’m thinking it’ll need some refinement (power limits for bacon types, etc), because if anyone can place any number of powered “mini-beacons” they could create the max territory possible - land grab. Still I like the notion.

The PVP/PVE mechanics outline also got me thinking, and I like the notions of “go hunting, and you place a target on your back”. The hardcore PVPer probably won’t care much, and it may even act as a challenge. Still I like the “Karma helper” idea of it. It emulates RL a bit where a lawbreaker will rouse suspicion/animosity/911 calls until they manage to make a clean getaway… and even then may need to be on the lookout.