Idea for old worlds : Hidden


all beacons are paused. never expire.plots are not counted against you. you still own stuff… But there is a catch…

THESE WORLDS ARE HIDDEN. They do not show up on map. not in sky. You have to find clues that will eventually allow you to get the coordinates to one of them. (repeat for each starter world)

If you open a permament portal it works for all…but they STILL do not have the location of the planet coords themselves.

If you find your starter planet base you can build or expand it… but no NEW beacons can be placed unless maybe one is given to you by a DEV or won in a DEV promoted contest .

Good way to reward those of us Pre 1.0 that Yeah our builds are out there…SOMEWHERE! Lets see uf we can find our old home!

Having hidden planets would be kind of cool.


Honestly I would much rather not have these old beta worlds even exist anymore. First of all, I think everyone should be focused on what they can build on the new worlds where the majority of players are instead of living in a past where stuff “was great” but isn’t going to matter all that much.

I like the idea behind worlds that are hidden just not for the old beta worlds. Personally I see zero point in even keeping the old worlds around. It’s just a distraction IMO from people playing on the 1.0 worlds where everyone is going to be anyways. Plus, I don’t like the idea of someone finding their request basket bank full of coin or warehouse full of several millions worth of finished products or raw materials just to bring it back to 1.0 worlds.

Our reward for testing before 1.0 was to have a really fun game to play and all those connections we made with other players. We don’t need more than that to be honest.


I can see both sides. It might be cool to have them open the worlds for a couple weeks at the 1 or 2 year anniversary for people to walk through. Make them unchangeable for people to explore to see how far we have come since release. Kind of like a temporary museum exhibit.


If someone says to me full wipe… it means you lose everything… clean table… thats it. I kinda get why they wanna save these… like some bigger cities hours and hours of work. But i do not like the idea you could travel there.


Full wipe would not only be for the worlds, but also for the characters. How would ownership still exist if the character associated with the build is no more? Just curious how your envision that working.


They (OP) did say worlds would be just paused, so owners wouldn’t be required, and I’d assume they’d somehow be ablee to remove all items in storage…maybe possible perhaps :stuck_out_tongue:


I would suggst to make them visitable, keep them beaconed (just stop the game time for beacons and portals) BUT remove ownership to the beacons and remove all interactions with stuff exept for doors (which should all be unlocked). So everyone can visit them but cannot take stuff from the storages and also not break the blocks to reuse them on later worlds. I would also remove the ability to make new beacons and give zero drops by all destroyed plants, blocks and creatures (of cause they can just leave the creatures out to let there be no risk).

The worlds are when only to be seen as a reminder of what has been built, not to be used on any other way. They are just a museum.


I like the museum, not being able to do anything other than visit idea. In case this happens, I plan on leaving a sign on my last build to explain what I did. And I am including a small museum of things I used like my first light cube and totem in the build.


Well that museum sounds actually better. I also think devs might use those for trailers and such


I like the frozen time/no interaction idea, also having them “hidden” in some way would be interesting. Maybe make it a feature so that only if player or build reach certain level than they can access it. It would be a nice addition, maybe only allow players at max level to enter those old worlds? Would create another motivation for leveling up.
Maybe when you reach max level you receive location in locations tab to enter old worlds. You can’t build portal, only warp to there through sanctum to limit access to single player.


Now the wet blanket of reality.

The more I think about it, I can just watch Jiivita’s videos, or my own and pics if I feel I really need to. We didn’t make Mona Lisa’s. They are voxel builds in a make believe world.

It reminds me of a very old commercial for education. This kid goes for an interview at a digital company, and is asked what is his experience. He says “None, but I got 5 million on defender.” Other people are not as blown away as we are, of our accomplishments inside a video game. Unless it’s the here and now and they are currently sharing a project. Who goes running to the portal competition just to sit and admire the portals?

Would be a huge waste of dev resources to try to save something they warned everywhere and said multiple times it’s all going to get wiped.


Im not into saving anything at all myself.
I can let go of all thats been made - and sure there will be more of new stuff made soon enough to admire.
Some things will live in youtube videos, official promos and trailers, and bits and pieces might be used in future worlds (like the well-known altars of lanterns and decorative/refined rock, sitting on compact peat).
Some will live in screenshots and some only in memories of few people.
All good.
Always looking into the future and towards new projects and wonders to-be.


True, but they also mentioned that they will try to save it in some way. so this is just a suggestion in that direction :slight_smile:

I would like to see the stuff that was made even before I have played the game (from the first trailer), I haven’t made much in game, but I know there are some awesome builds I’d like to visit now and than, and many I haven’t even seen. Not much to lose if it all becomes inaccessible but it would be a nice feature to have it as a tourist place :slight_smile:


Here’s a question that really needs to be answered.

How often do you realistically think you’re going to actually visit old alpha and beta builds?

I, for one, have zero plans to ever visit any saved beta world to look at what someone has made. To me, stuff that is irrelevant will remain irrelevant.

I honestly don’t see the point in saving the worlds if those company resources used to make it possible can be spent more efficiently on things that make the game better after 1.0.

If you think the answer to the question I’ve presented is “once and while” then that’s going to most likely result in less and less visiting from each individual. If you can’t do anything to the stuff on the world but look at it, then you most likely will stop going to those old worlds to begin with all together.


yeah, true, I like to explore, to see stuff I haven’t seen yet, but that also stands for new stuff that pips are gonna build in new worlds, so in all fairness, I’m fine either way :smiley: