Ideals for your guild

I know we are expecting a sort of guilds system, but what would you like your guild to be? a group of rouge street thugs, master merchants, etc. Also, is creating a cult like the skyrim dark brotherhood frowned upon? Or are we allowed to create radical guilds bent on evil?


A lot of the guilds in the Elder Scrolls have a great thing going, however, they weren’t very “in-depth”, so to speak. In terms that you couldn’t communicate with your guild necessarily, or do much meaningful work. It would be cool if guilds in Oort worked like that, but weren’t full of mindless NPCs


I’m planning to structure an empire with meaningful ranks and rolls. However, rather than an “emperor” at the top, there will be a council of three to make the broad decisions. Going with a Roman theme


Oi just don’t get murdered by all your friends though :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll keep the finer details private for now, but I think it will be both fun and functional, which is really the hardest thing to achieve in a guild setting IMHO.


Well a guild/clan is a group of either like minded players or a group of people that are friendly towards each other or elitists.

So it’s possible for a group to have negative intentions, or have a strict hierarchy or even be sworn to protecting others. Evil isn’t necessarily negative, negative is griefing houses or stealing from other players while evil is mass killings of every mob or player that isn’t apart of your group.

Personally, if I run a guild/clan I would make a mercenary group of sorts, pay us and we will work.

Let’s say it this way. I will be Economical Spreading, I’ll start wih an Guild Town in wich some Shops at the Main Place. Then an Guildhouse and after the Town is done, I’ll see that we, the Guild, will get the best for us possible spots to claim. Speaking of resscources of course. Also we’ll try to make some stationary Houses in some Worlds, connected through Portals with our main City as traveling hotspot for everyone. So people will come to our City anyway, to travel around Worlds. That will lead to some more trades with our Vendors and activity in our Town. Also I want to create the Town in my own created World.

So and now to: How will my Guild be? Of course we’ll need some other people then only economical. We’ll need fighters, to escort our People while collecting important ressources. We’ll need architects who build our City and let it look good. We’ll sure need anyone.

Also I’ve got a deal with @Relentor (if he does remember xD) That we’ll be in an business relationship. As far as I remember he want to fight with his Guild. He can give us escorts while we ca give him supplies for an cheaper Price. :wink:

Ultimately, it boils down to the fact that I try to controll my own planet/world + the Economy ingame as far as possible by getting the biggest economical Guild ^^

As soon as I know wich World of me will be released and when, I’ll start to find people for my Guild ^^

Good luck trying to own a world.

Please rule over your spelling first.

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Was that really necessary? -.-

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Trying to take over a planet sounds difficult and unlikely, and spelling is important to me because I care about the future. I didn’t bother to ask if you if english was your main language so I apologize if I jumped the gun there.

It’s just that I didn’t look over it, because its an long text.

I would like to join that :slight_smile:

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im always thinking of anime, as is known, but for guilds i always think of Log Horizon where they have a table of 9 people, 3 crafting guild leaders, 3 small guild leaders and 3 major fighting guild leaders to decide, so everybody gets a say, i hope they will add a sort of fraction or sub guilds so a guild could have a front runner part, a crafting part and a social low level part and you could assign leaders for those and said special rights, so there are things in the GB only the crafters can take and so on so forth.

I’ll add you to my list. I’ll contact you when guild support comes.

I generally don’t like the idea of a single person/guild owning all of the X. This eliminates any healthy competition (and the possibility of one emerging somehow), and also leaves the players with no options.

I prefer a system where there are different societies that interact with each other and benefit greatly from it. What makes a certain group of players a “guild” is that they engage in a specific activity together. An example was listed above:
• Builders guild, that (obviously) offers to build structures for other players. Their main activity is creating various buildings for other players for a reward (optional);
• Merchants guild, who mainly participate in obtaining and trading resources with other players (or maybe NPCs too).
• Warriors/Adventurers guild that houses people that like brawling and fighting (be it PvP or PvE). They can interact with other guild by offering to guard them against enemies, or attack on their own, taking the loot for themselves (maybe bandit groups of players will exist in Oort, who knows).
• Explorers guild, who focus their efforts on search and, well, exploration. I imagine their HQ being in a distant land that is hard to reach and requires some skill, so if a player wants to join them, he’ll have to prove his abilities along the way.

It’s not yet certain what other activities will be present at launch, but it’s highly possible that minor guilds will emerge, such as Mage circle (focus on science/magic and research), Craftsmen guild (focus on creating new devices, suggests high cooperation level with Merchants), etc. Larger guilds might want to form minor groups withing themselves, for example Warriors guild can have an Assault team (a branch that focuses on attacking others, be it others players or agressive creatures), a group of dedicated Guards who watch over certain areas and keep it peaceful there, etc.

This is how I picture it.


That’s how I see it as well, with players within a guild having the freedom to do as they like while also selecting a specialty within the guild.

Also, I feel it’s healthier for the guild and player base both if a guild does not become a universal government, but rather just one civilization among many.

My thoughts exactly. As I said above, it allows for a healthy competition and, more importantly, choices!
What region are you playing from? I might be interested in joining such a guild if my location allows it (you know, ping issues and stuff).

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Uswest, but I don’t discriminate by region.

It’s not about discrimination, it’s about 215+ ping on US servers… :confounded:

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I’m pretty sure I’d start a guild whose sole purpose is to slowly infiltrate and ultimately destroy/dominate every other guild. Heil Hydra! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: