Ideas what i could do?

Not pity just don’t want to say something that could be rude I might just decide to phrase it differently as a way of not being offensive even if u arnt offended others might be
Like people talking about my dad that died more so offends those who don’t even part of it :rofl::rofl:

I have a little shop specifically for mats I never use. Early on I was pricing them somewhat high, because I don’t gather enough to keep stuff stocked, and I was still selling out of beans, oort shards, and trophies.

Some people are willing to pay a little more for something if they can get a lot in one place. I’d say start with higher prices until you have a lot of stock then lower them gradually.

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I’ll be honest though, even with building I’ve been in need of some kind of in-game outlet to keep me immersed and motivated.

I’ve been going through this process recently where I don’t feel like building so I think if I go to the tnt hub something will catch my interest. Not really sure what I’m expecting, maybe for someone to be standing in there like “I want someone to follow me to my build!” Or something. I do always hope someone I know is there so I can follow them around like a little dog, but that’s been happening less and less. So then I’ll think about hopping through some portals to explore builds solo but almost always end up looking at all the sovereigns I’ve been to then going back to my build to stand there and do nothing.


I hear you here on the issues with game blocks coming along with mental health stuff. It can be very tough when at a low point to find motivation or even enjoyment. After my mom died in Feb, I had some weeks there where I couldn’t find any enjoyment in anything… first time I found myself enjoying myself after it was on a Rift exo around a month or so after. No easy answers but from my own experience, jumping into a game and doing something can at least be a good distraction and in my own case sometimes helps my mind from wandering into some really bad places. Enjoyment can’t be forced, but sometimes it CAN sneak up on you, if you give it opportunities. Best wishes to you for healing and happiness.


Should I want to run a shop. What would make sense there? There are already lots of cement and marble businesses and prices that I as an individual would never manage without making a loss. What would you like to see in stores? then what are you willing to pay? - I don’t want to get rich, but I have to be able to afford tools and possibly raw material. How many and which portal hubs do I have to be connected to so that who can come to me?

If you can take the time to keep a shop fully stocked with a variety of goods, you can price higher as a convenience fee.

For example, Mostly Marble at DK Mall Open again! prices their marble at 17c, which is more than high enough based on my calculations using BUTT prices. Yes, BUTT says the market price for marble is ~10c, but because this shop has a wide variety of colors with lots of each option, they can price a little higher.

If I want marble, I’ll go to one of the two or three marble shops that keep good inventory before I even check BUTT. Same with any other colored good. If I need plants or leaves, I’ll go to Ki’Rin Co. - Thousands of new Desert Sword in Stock! because I know I can find stuff there, and I’m not looking at the price. I’m just buying because I know they are the most likely place to find the color I want.


You should build in the further mall

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here is something no one suggested yet:

gather goo
recent exos had a very good amount of goo on them, gather that and sell it to baskets .
you get about 3 seeds per plant and on good planets you have low ceiling layered caves which make it super easy to gather . i gather them with an aoe IRON axe , so the tool cost is quite low on it.
while i gather goo i also hit fossils i see and boulders and plants.
today i gathered 11 ss of goo in 5 h and got 2ss of saltpeter fragments and 2 ss of sweet beans (ok that was a first for me that an exo had sand in a cave which made oortian staffs grow down there)
and a ss of fossils , also some coal .
and most exos also have petrolim in the caves that you can grab while in there so take a liquid breaker with you .kindling and combustion amount depend on the planets.
all in all a goo-d way to make money


Wait, there isn’t? Huh, I’ve got a bunch of different ones already…

Guess I’ll make a “Brick & Mortar” store somewhere. :thinking:

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Correct. There are apparently thousands of shops with decorative items or blocks, it will be difficult to find a gap in the market and, above all, as an individual, to be able to run the business with diversity and mass.

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I don’t really build or play much with other people, but I’d still be plenty able to run a store, if I ever tried. Going to a mall to set up really makes it easier to get customers.

Diversity and such wouldn’t be an issue either, believe me. Doesn’t take too much to get set up.

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When you feel like you need a purpose in game but find it hard to fight the negativity of your own demons or the self imposed restrictions you place on yourself (I am familiar with these also)
There is another option, which is take advantage of the unique social aspect of this game and instead spend your time putting a smile on someone’s face.
Be it helping to clear out some land, finding something they need, showing them some useful shops or just some friendly advice.
You might find this style of game play more nurturing for your mental health and rewarding at the same time.
Just a suggestion, eitherway I hope you find an activity you can enjoy.


Thank you for the understanding, encouraging and kind words.


The future mall is always looking for new shops

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If I decide to run a shop, it will most likely not be in a mall. Unfortunately, I have had bad experiences here too often, both as a customer and as a seller. But thanks for the information

All I know is @host is a absolute angel granted with a good sense of humor and will gladly help u

did anyone mention mini-games yet ? building an intricate jumping puzzle, maze, slide or a treasure hunt will keep you occupied for a long time and when it’s finished, others can have fun. (no special building skill is required really, just has to be functional)
examples would be the Reapers trials, Ninja warrior track, a variety of stuff at Sasquatch city, ice slides all over the BL universe.
I made a parkour jumping challenge thing once in deep dark mall (portal at tnt) which serves no purpose other than fun, makes me no coin but it is one of my favourite builds and I really enjoyed making it


I have seen so many great suggestions and advice here, I almost feel bad posting mine :sweat_smile: While I really do enjoy most aspects of the game, I do find gathering one particular thing fulfulling…Inky Leaves!

Reasons I enjoy it so much:

1: Market stability. They are not the most lucrative item to gather, but their price remains pretty stable, and there are ALWAYS request baskets up

2: Ease of build/tool cost: You don’t need a crazy build or expensive tools. My Inky farmer uses a totem with loot magnet, glow, and clear weather (optional, but makes seeing the nox easier!), and a basic ol’ titanium axe. Max agility/luck/control and bonus attributes. Shadow step. No pies/brews necessary!

3: The Calm: I also have depression and anxiety, and man, this is one of the most relaxing activities I’ve found. Mud fields are abundant on T1 and T2 planets. Nothing bothers me…I can put on some Floyd, grab a beer, and just farm my heart out without having to fight, traverse a lot of weird terrain, or otherwise be bothered. After a few hrs I usually come home with 10-12 stacks of inkys, about 150k profit (next to no investment in tools and such, so time is only factor). Not the most profitable, but I made money while relaxing and decompressing!

Not saying you should do this, but you’ll find that “thing” that does it for you eventually!


true that a HOST not being a HOST should not call himself HOST thanks for the kinds words Fuzzy

you dont have to be at the mall if you do not want to, i mean we could always find you a nice location on the planet, and get yourself settled then work on anything you like and you will get a free portal to your area that links to the main hub and if you fancy connect to any nearby region, to max out your footfall, since all regions are connected to the mall, so technically you could be on the other side of the planet, yet be connected to the mall

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@host and @BabyCookie should team up u both love ur puns