If the Gleambow event taught me anything


It’s that the horizontal velocity damage is the worst! The number of health brews Ive used is ridiculous.


I haphazardly forged myself a pair of Hookshot suicide-grapples. No health brew can save me from a mistep with these babies… :sob:


I hope they fix that before the special worlds. :pensive:


I am messing with a build that purposely keeps HP low so that fall armor works well. He has shadow step and control to hide from the baddies and then a bunch of speed and grapple. I think he can fall at least 32 blocks before taking damage. I see the “damage absorbed” text all the time. Might even put double jump on him now. Mobility build! Makes all my other characters feel like slugs


I think I’ve had more deaths in the last couple weeks than i had in the entirety of early access :flushed:


I’m with you guys. I think this event would have been the perfect time to roll out new fall damage calculations. Plenty of people to test the new numbers.


I’m really glad I’ve been practicing ground grappling for making tall builds. It’s come in handy here.


I also did a mobility build (+ action speed for collecting the blocks). Unfortunately double jump doesn’t stack with high jump. :sob: (you get high jump for the first jump, then a pitiful half block jump for the second one.)