If these were a thing, who'd be interested in buying?

Been asked a few times about t-shirts, so if these were a thing, who would actually purchase one? (Man not included)


It would depend on the price. I’d be much more inclined to purchase 3D printed character models or posters though!





I am in favor.

I would need 3.

Having some figurines would be pretty awesome.

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Agreeing with @Squidgy would depend on price for me, but I’m definitely interested.

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Count me in

This basically.


I would love to get it if three things apply

  1. you send to denmark
  2. its not too expensive
  3. you sell it in XXL (let the fat jokes commence!)

i absolutely love the design, if anything i would like if the shirt could be gotten in black :smiley:


it depends on the shipping :wink:

I´d buy one if the price is around the standard merchandise price.
Is there also a ‘stretch’ T-shirt variation?
Btw, how about a “vintage” one with Oort on the back? :wink:


Meshu (10 char)

I’m likely to buy one if the game becomes what I hope it’ll be.

Yes,it looks really nice.

BTW did you guys actually design it? or did you just take a random picture and photoshop your logo on you? xD

I need one and also what Squidgy suggested of the 3d models! :nyhappy:

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OK, @Ben, here now a challange offer … I want one of those old pink Oort T-Shirts. Really, I would kill for one of those. But as we both know killing is not accepted in our societies and makes you a bad bad man, so instead I will make me Tattoos - right! - plural! … I will make one of the old logo and one of the new one … This is your last chance to have a walking advertising! I will make them not in november but I WILL make them, if you promise me to save a XL (or 2XL) Shirt for me. A good friend of me is a known artist here in the area and has a full shedule, so it may take some months, but I will call her to make a date in the next days IF you accept this chellenge.



Depends on sizes, shipping and price.
PS: I’m very disappointed that the man isn’t included.


As much as I’d love to take you up on the offer, we don’t have any XL shirts :cry: