If you had to pick 1 weapon

This was asked in survey #3. so although possible weapon types have been talked about alot i ask you ‘‘If you had to pick 1 weapon to be in the game, which would it be?’’

my answer would be dual-chakrams

what about you guys?

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Caestus (fist weapon -powerfist XD) or Greatsword (claymore, longsword)

one weapon!

pick one, not ‘‘either’’ thats the point of the questions .)


I will depend of wich is added ¬¬ just that XD

if you had the chance to add one of them, which would you add?

If i can add one? Caestus/powerfist (the name depends on the “lore” about oort shards but its a blunt fist weapon)

Like that…

Right. that looks rather crude.

a question, if you had to pick one, would you want fist weapons to be martial arts based (lots of cc, dogdging, agile) or brawler based (lots of burst damage, throwing around people, charge attacks and power hits) ?

Well martial arts and brawler (in real life) are similar, but more in the way of hitting hard, and throwing people/breaking bones/dislocation Just Moa-Thai/Aikido way, hitting and doging/blocking.

But Brawling/Martial Arts are the same, Moa-Thai its a martial Art, but consisnt on fighting by hitting like the old greek “pancracio”

well that is not quite true. also it is called Muay Thai which is about using your elbows and knees to hit hard and is made for killing, other martial arts like aikido is about using the opponents strength against himself and the chinese martial artes are more about agility such as Wing Chun. so technically they are the same because martial arts cover a big field of fighting styles, but you know what i mean.

So let me rephase.

should it hit hard or should it hit fast?

Yes i know, but yo ualso know what i mean, and it’s that every martial art its its own world, and martial art comes from the latin: “Marte” => War and well Art… Art of War or War Art, consist in fight and survive :smiley:

But if they add uanrmed/fist weapons i will ask them for more animations, and effects. (But i will ask that for every kind of weapon xD)

The two… If you hit hard you hit fast.

Speed + mass= Force

Dude come on man, that is freaking OVERPOWERED, that is why i am asking, do you want them to be focused on damage, or dodging and cc.

nevermind, it seems like a waste of time :smile:

Isn’t this basically the weapon discussion we had in this thread?:


Yeah basically. point being that in that one it was basically everything which we could list up, having to pick 1 is something quite harder to do.

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Scythe then :slight_smile:

No matter how much i like magic oriented combat scythes are too cool to be left out.

Crossbows masterrace